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Catastrophic Leave Donation Program

Find out about UC San Diego's Catastrophic Leave Donation Program.

The Catastrophic Leave Donation program is a way for our Triton employee community to support each other through challenging times by donating vacation hours.

The program allows the voluntary donation of accrued vacation hours by fellow employees to create a bank of hours for use by employees facing hardship. It provides continuation of salary and benefits for eligible employees who have exhausted all their accrued time balances due to:

  • a catastrophic illness or injury (applied to disability waiting period)
  • caring for a catastrophically ill or injured family or household member
  • the death of a family or household member
  • a catastrophic casualty loss suffered due to a terrorist attack, fire or natural disaster

If you are nearing your vacation accrual maximum, or if you’re just feeling inspired to support your colleagues, please consider donating some of your vacation hours to the Catastrophic Leave bank. It could make a world of difference in the life of a Triton colleague.

Donate time to the program »

Apply for catastrophic leave »

Learn more about program procedures, including definitions and eligibility criteria.

For information or questions regarding short-term or other disability benefits coverage, contact Disability Counseling & Consulting (DCC) at or (858) 534-6744.

If you are facing hardship and are seeking support or counseling, make an appointment with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program or contact them at (858) 534-5523.

For questions about the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program or leaves of absence, contact Disability Counseling and Consulting at (858) 534-6744. Health/ Health Sciences employees, contact Health HR at (619) 543-3200 for program information.

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