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How to Apply for Catastrophic Leave

Learn how to apply for catastrophic leave.

1. Review program information and initiate the request

Health Sciences and Health System employees:

Call the UC San Diego Health HR General hotline (619) 543-3200 and ask to speak with a Leaves Specialist, or submit a general inquiry case with HR Health

2. Determine how many vacation hours are needed

With the assistance of your department HR contact:
  • Determine when you will exhaust all of your leave balances (e.g., sick leave, vacation, and compensatory time if the employee is non-exempt).
  • Determine the effective date for the University-paid or employee-paid disability plans.
  • Determine the number of vacation hours needed for the catastrophic leave (184 hours maximum).

3. Fill in the application and obtain approvals

  1. Complete the CLDP Recipient Request Form and submit with appropriate documentation to your department HR contact.
  2. Department HR contact reviews the completed CLDP form and documentation and completes the HR section.
  3. Request department head approval.


  • Departments may complete the CLDP form in the absence of the employee.
  • At all times, keep any information regarding the catastrophic leave process confidential.

4. Submit form to Human Resources

  • Forward the signed form and documentation to Disability Counseling & Consulting.
  • Retain a copy for department records.
  • Human Resources will review and forward to Payroll for the transfer.
Contact Disability Counseling and Consulting at (858) 534-6744. Health/ Health Sciences employees, contact Health HR at (619) 543-3200 for program information.
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