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NGN: Sample Recharge Statement

See a sample of the Communication User Recharge statement under the Next Generation Network's Funding Model.

NGN Sample Recharge


  1. Campus Mail Code: Monthly PDF reports are viewable by Mail Code in the Telecom Recharge function within FinancialLink.
  2. Manager: reports can be viewed via FinancialLink.
  3. Effective date of the report: When charges should appear in the operating ledger
  4. Index/Fund/Organization/Program: A report will be generated for each index with payroll activity that generates Communications User (CU) charges.
  5. UCSD Payroll Title Code for named employee
  6. FTE and Communication User: charge for current month by employee, subtotaled by location group
  7. FTE and CU charge for payroll adjustments made in the current month that affects a prior period charge. Automatic adjustments in CU charges will be made in a 12-month window.
  8. Total cost per employee and subtotaled by location.
  9. Report is sorted by NGN rate group. Those employees in the On-campus category receive the full set of services. See NGN rates.
  10. Employees located at Hillcrest or Thornton locations are charged a lower rate as they use Medical Center Telecommunications services. See NGN rates.
  11. Employees located at various off-campus locations who generally receive only data services from the campus will be charged at a different rate. See NGN rates.
  12. Total cost for the index presented; amount will appear in current month's operating ledger.
  13. Adjustments can be either positive (an increase in charges for that index) or appear as negatives (a decrease in charges for that index).
  14. CU Recharge Summary reports will be available via FinancialLink drill down.


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