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Sample: NGN Recharge Summary Report

See a sample of the Communication User Recharge statement under the Next Generation Network's Funding Model.

ample of the Communication User Recharge statement

Report Field Header Definitions:

ProjectA project is a collection of financial activities and is similar to the fund sources/indexes used in the legacy system.

Task - A component of project that allows more granular tracking of expenses within a project.

Funding Source - refers to the award or funding entity. This element is different than Fund and mainly pertains to sponsored projects.

Recharge Group Description - The type of NGN rate applied to each employee is based on their work location in the directory. Each rate is reflective of different tiers of service provided. See NGN rates.

Recharge Current Group Rate - See Recharge Group Description.

Recharge Employee Name - Name of the employee that the NGN charge is being leveraged against.

Recharge Title Code - The UC Path Job Code of the employee. 

Recharge Multiple Entry Ind. - If there is a * in this field, then the employee has multiple distribution lines with NGN charged for the selected period.

Recharge Current FTE - Denotes the calculated FTE % for the current period.

Recharge Current Amount - NGN charges for the current period; does not include activity from prior period due to direct retros within the current period.

Recharge Prior FTE - Denotes the calculated FTE % for the prior period. This pertains to pay from prior periods being direct retro'd in the period selected.

Recharge Prior Amount - NGN charges from prior periods due to direct retros. 

Total Current Recharge - Total amount of NGN charged in the accounting period selected in the report parameters.

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