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Technology Policies

Learn about UC San Diego's technology policies and guidelines.

  • Computer Security: Information Technology (IT) Services is the custodian of hardware, software, and data used in critical business processing at UC San Diego. Learn about network security, a key aspect of this custodial role.
  • Email Policies: Read about the policies that govern the appropriate use of UC San Diego email accounts.
  • Email: Appropriate Use: Find out about UC San Diego's electronic mail policies and learn good email practices.
  • Credit Reports: Federal law gives you free access to your credit report, so you can keep track of your information and fight identity theft. Learn how to obtain and review your credit report.
  • California Law on Internet Piracy: State legislation makes it a crime to distribute commercial works electronically. Read about implications for UC San Diego.
  • Computer Copyright Compliance: Learn how to comply with copyright infringement laws when you install software or download programs for your work or home computer.
  • Responsible Computing Use Policy: Learn how failure to comply with university policies and state and federal laws that govern disclosure of information and use of computer systems may result in disciplinary action, including release from employment.