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ISIS: Student Aid Management (SAM) Technical Overview

Learn about ISIS Student Aid Management (SAM), which provides online, Web, and batch support of student aid functions.

SAM functions include

  • Tracking student applications
  • Using Federal Methodology computations for student financial need analysis
  • Determining the cost of a student's education and budget
  • Managing award funds for student financial support offices, including the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Complying with financial aid requirements, including financial verification and monitoring of awards and earnings
  • Packaging, which assigns a set of financial aid awards to a student
  • Notifying students by award letters, with associated acceptance or declining of awards by the student
  • Scheduling the disbursement of the student's annual awards
  • Disbursing award funds to the student
  • Federal reporting, including FISAP/ FISCOP Reports, Health Professions Report, Office of Civil Rights Report, and Aid Program Profile Report
  • Verifying Pell grants
  • Accepting electronic applications in CSS, Federal and PHEAA formats
  • Exchanging electronic data with the Department of Education, including application loading, corrections, and payment rosters (Pell Recipient Data Exchange)
  • Monitoring student Academic Progress compliance

Campus clients

  • Career Services Center
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Office of Graduate Studies (OGS)
  • Registrar's Office
  • School Of Medicine Financial Aid (SOMFA)
  • School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Financial Aid
  • Student Business Services
For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office, (858) 534-4480.