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Research Service Core Staff Directory

Find contact information for Research Service Core staff.


Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Erika Wilson Director, RSC and HS SPPO 858-822-4980
Isabella Bryant-Parkinson RSC Enterprise IT Program Manager 858-822-3551
Brianne Decker Fund Manager Supervisor 619-543-4613
Kimberly M. Kruse Fund Manager Supervisor 858-822-3636
Patrick Padilla Fund Manager Supervisor
Christina Richardson Fund Manager Supervisor
Chelsea Van Pelt Fund Manager Supervisor 858-534-3260
Deanna L. Hill Fund Manager Supervisor

Fund Managers

Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address: Supervisor
Michael Alcorn Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Leonardo Alvarado Fund Manager Deanna Hill
Victoria Banks Fund Manager 858-246-0028 Deanna Hill
Yolanda Boyd Fund Manager 619-471-3320 Brianne Decker
Manny Chaudhry Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Marianne Clark Fund Manager 858-822-2527 Brianne Decker
Cathryn Gilhooly Fund Manager Christina Richardson
Lisa Hawes Fund Manager 619-471-0720 Brianne Decker
Gabriel Hornbuckle Fund Manager 619-471-0561 Brianne Decker
Linyi Huntington Fund Manager 858-822-6463 Kimberly Kruse
Tanisha S. Jackson Fiscal Assistant  858-246-0044 Christina Richardson
Nancy D. Louks Fund Manager Deanna Hill
Cathy Luna Fund Manager Deanna Hill
Shachi Maewal Fund Manager 858-534-8987 Kimberly Kruse
Libby McCollum Fund Manager 858-246-2109 Deanna Hill
Robert J. Meader Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Courtney Palladino Fund Manager Christina Richardson
Ashley Peterson  Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
David F. Sanchez Fund Manager 619-471-3322 Brianne Decker
Alexandra Savage Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Amanda Tafoya Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Rebecca Tran  Fund Manager Deanna Hill
Vivie Truong Fund Manager 619-471-3321 Christina Richardson
Timothy Vazquez Fund Manager Chelsea Van Pelt
Lauren Wilkes Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Jared S. Wright Fund Manaer Kimberly Kruse
Connie K. Xu Fund Manager 619-543-4634 Brianne Decker
Maya Franklin Fund Manager Deanna Hill
Stacey Childers Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Cori Clinton Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Sandra (Sandy) Lane Fund Manager Deanna Hill

Enterprise IT Projects

Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Isabella Bryant-Parkinson RSC Enterprise IT Program Manager 858-822-3551
Cheryl Kettnich Project Analyst 858-534-3597
Ari Widjaja Project Analyst 858-534-2436
Steven Machado Programmer Analyst 858-534-8420
Jill Weller Training Grant/Subaward Analyst 858-534-3933
Jherome Hernandez Project Analyst  N/A
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