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Research Service Core Staff Directory

Find contact information for Research Service Core staff.


Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Erika Wilson Director, RSC and HS SPPO 858-822-4980
Isabella Bryant-Parkinson RSC Enterprise IT Program Manager 858-822-3551
Brianne Decker Fund Manager Supervisor 619-543-4613
Kimberly M. Kruse Fund Manager Supervisor 858-822-3636
Patrick Padilla Fund Manager Supervisor
Christina Richardson Fund Manager Supervisor
Chelsea Van Pelt Fund Manager Supervisor 858-534-3260
Deanna L. Hill Fund Manager Supervisor

Fund Managers

Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address: Supervisor
Michael Alcorn Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Leonardo Alvarado Fund Manager Deanne Hill
Victoria Banks Fund Manager 858-246-0028 Deanne Hill
Yolanda Boyd Fund Manager 619-471-3320 Brianne Decker
Manny Chaudhry Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Marianne Clark Fund Manager 858-822-2527 Brianne Decker
Cathryn Gilhooly Fund Manager Christina Richardson
Lisa Hawes Fund Manager 619-471-0720 Brianne Decker
Gabriel Hornbuckle Fund Manager 619-471-0561 Brianne Decker
Linyi Huntington Fund Manager 858-822-6463 Kimberly Kruse
Tanisha S. Jackson Fiscal Assistant  858-246-0044 Christina Richardson
Nancy D. Louks Fund Manager Deanne Hill
Cathy Luna Fund Manager Deanne Hill
Shachi Maewal Fund Manager 858-534-8987 Kimberly Kruse
Libby McCollum Fund Manager 858-246-2109 Deanne Hill
Robert J. Meader Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Ashley Peterson  Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
David F. Sanchez Fund Manager 619-471-3322 Brianne Decker
Alexandra Savage Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Amanda Tafoya Fund Manager Kimberly Kruse
Rebecca Tran  Fund Manager Deanne Hill
Vivie Truong Fund Manager 619-471-3321 Christina Richardson
Timothy Vazquez Fund Manager Chelsea Van Pelt
Lauren Wilkes Fund Manager Patrick Padilla
Jared S. Wright Fund Manaer Kimberly Kruse
Connie K. Xu Fund Manager 619-543-4634 Brianne Decker

Enterprise IT Projects

Name: Title: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Isabella Bryant-Parkinson RSC Enterprise IT Program Manager 858-822-3551
Cheryl Kettnich Project Analyst 858-534-3597
Ari Widjaja Project Analyst 858-534-2436
Steven Machado Programmer Analyst 858-534-8420
Eric Rosenzweig Programmer Analyst 858-822-6434
Alan Perez Project Analyst 858-822-0164
Jill Weller Training Grant/Subaward Analyst 858-534-3933
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