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UC San Diego COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Compliance Process for Visiting Scholars

Find out more about UC San Diego's COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Compliance Process for Visiting Scholars.

The University of California requires all students, staff, and academics, including Visiting Scholars, to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before they will be allowed on campus or in a UC San Diego facility. Please visit the COVID-19 Campus Resources and Guidelines page for more information.

Official Visiting Scholar appointments are sponsored by and usually requested by faculty, processed by department HR/AP administrators via RSAS, and reviewed and approved by the Research Scholar Affairs on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Once a Visiting Scholar is officially offered and a courtesy appointment is accepted, please follow this guidance to comply with the vaccination mandate.


  1. Department Administrator enters Visiting Scholar appointment in UC Path as Contingent Worker
    • See UC Path CWR UPK for instructions (access required). Local “Understanding
      Contingent Worker” Job Aid is available at UC Path.
      - Employee Class: Academic Contingent Worker
      - Job Code: CWR015 (Visiting Scholar) or CWR016 (Visiting Scholar-UG), as appropriate
    • When creating the CWR appointment, remember to include DOB, home address, SSN if available (in National ID field) in order to identify the scholar and link with AD and EPIC accounts.
    • For the Reports To field, enter the faculty sponsor’s Position Number and not Dept Chair/ORU Director positions numbers so that the Visiting Scholar appears in the correct Supervisor’s Dashboard.
  2. Department Administrator requests AD account for the scholar
    • First, check to see if they already have an AD account. If they were present on campus
      before the new mandate, they may have been given an AD account through
    • ITS will compare information and link PID with AD account.
  3. Behind the scenes, the PID will be batch loaded into EPIC once a week (by UCSD Health
    Information Systems unit). If information is missing, and they cannot identify a unique
    person, the scholar’s information will not be uploaded and will cause delays. Therefore, it is essential that all the CWR fields are completed.
  4. In 1-2 weeks (depending on when the information was uploaded), the Visiting Scholar will be able
    to use their AD user information to create an account in MyUCSDChart (
    to upload proof of vaccination. If they are having issues creating a MyUCSDChart account, request assistance via
  5. In accordance with recent updated State guidelines, UC Office of the President (UCOP) has issued changes to align the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. The mandate still requires employees to be vaccinated with the primary series plus the latest booster recommended by the CDC and/or CDPH. The vaccine mandate now allows employees who want an exemption to follow a process that mimics the flu declination. To report or decline a COVID vaccine, go to MyUCSDChart. You will complete the UCSD EMPLOYEE AND STUDENT ONLY - Vaccine Questionnaire.
  6. If after 2 weeks the Visiting Scholar is still unable to access MyUCSDChart, they should request
    assistance via to look into their MyUCSDChart account access.