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OCGA: Industry

Find resources and guidance for working with Industry for Sponsored Research.

Collaborations with Industry

Ideal Timeline

An ideal timeline for working with Industry on a research project involves looping in your Contract and Grant (C&G) Officer as early as possible in the research partnership as possible to avoid complications involved with budgeting and IDC, scope of work (SOW) down the road:

  1. Identify relationship
  2. Receive Contract
  3. Submit a Kuali Research Record and notify your C&G Officer
  4. Work on budget and SOW with C&G Officer 
  5. Present budget and SOW to Company
  6. C&G Officer negotiates Contract with Company


Sponsored Research Agreements with Industry – Guidance and Policies

Collaborations with Industry  

Budgets and IDC

Things to consider when preparing a budget with an industry sponsor:

  • Indirect Costs (IDC): Use the federally negotiated rate. See UC San Diego IDC Rates.
  • Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC): For items that are excluded from IDC calculations, see Modified Total Direct Costs.
  • Total Direct Costs (TDC) = Direct Costs of your research + IDC, for more information on what to include for TDC, see Direct Costs.

Please refer to this detailed information about indirect costs applicable to Industry sponsored research agreements:  Indirect Costs for Industry

Words of Wisdom

  • Industry Contracts must use UC San Diego's federally negotiated IDC rates.
  • Industry agreements sometimes require lengthy negotiations due to intellectual property (IP) concerns.
    • OCGA works with the Office of Innovation and Commercialization (OIC) on complex IP issues in order to protect both our researchers and the University of California.
  • OCGA still requires a Kuali Research submission for Industry Contracts, although the proposal is internal and not submitted to the company.
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