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Donor Advised Funds

Learn about Donor Advised Funds and Link to donor advised fund templates for the use of UC San Diego's development community.

About Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a giving vehicle, permitted by IRS regulations, that is used when a Donor wishes to make an irrevocable charitable gift that is initially undesignated as to purpose in a segregated fund. While DAFs must be the exclusive property of the DAF sponsoring charity, the Donor may recommend distributions from the fund to the sponsoring charity or other qualified charities over time, subject to the approval of the sponsoring charity. This allows a Donor to respond to a variety of charitable interests or fund-raising needs, and provides donors with many advantages of private foundations, without many of the costs and limitations to which private foundations are subject.

The UC San Diego Foundation (UCSDF) has two types of DAF’s available to donors. The first DAF allows donors to make recommendations for allocations only to funds within the UCSDF or the campus (“UCSD Only”). The second DAF permits allocations by donors to external charities (“50/50”).

For more information, please refer to the UC San Diego Foundation Donor Advised Fund Policy by clicking here.

Samples of the donor DAF’s agreements

If your donor has expressed interest in opening a DAF with the UC San Diego Foundation, please contact Gail Robotta, Director, Gift Services or Kierstin Sykes, Controller, UC San Diego Foundation for more information.

For more information, call (858) 534-5289.