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How to Process a Proof of Claim

If you've received a Proof of Claim form or a bankruptcy notice, follow these step-by-step instructions to process your Proof of Claim.

1. Record receipt of the document.

  • Date-stamp the legal document you receive.
    • Bar date or deadline, if provided in the document. (This is the court-imposed deadline for claims to be considered for payment.)

2. Search for vendor and claim information.

  • Check any departmental sources that would track money owed by this company to UCSD. If you need assistance, ask your department's financial analyst.
  • Calculate the total amount owed. You will need this figure when you complete the Proof of Claim form (Step 4).

3. Stop billing and/ or collection.

  • If your department is trying to bill or collect from this company, notify the appropriate contact. (It’s almost always a legal violation to continue collection efforts against a company after notification of bankruptcy proceedings.)

4. Complete the Proof of Claim form.

  • Fill out the form you received. If you received a bankruptcy notice without a claim form, download this Proof of Claim form (PDF).
  • For assistance in filling out the form, see Completing a Proof of Claim Form.
  • Attach appropriate documentation, including contracts, invoices, purchase orders, etc. (Include payment records if your department received payment within 90 days of the bankruptcy notice filing.)
  • Obtain the appropriate signatures.

5. File all original court documents for future reference

  • Be sure to include the signed Proof of Claim form and attachments.
  • Keep a copy for your records.

Note: Consult with Campus Counsel on any legal questions.