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Voluntary Use of N95-Respirators for COVID-19 Protection

Information for employees seeking to voluntarily use N95-respirators for COVID-19 protection.

By request, UC San Diego will provide voluntary use respirators to campus employees regardless of vaccination status. It is important to understand the proper use and limitations of the respirator to ensure it does not become a hazard to the user. All employees who choose to wear an N95-respirator must follow campus policy and state regulations before they may be used. Prior to receiving an N95-respirator, employees must complete a brief training in the UC Learning Center.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees who are obtaining and wearing voluntary use respirators take the required training in UC Learning Center. 

Please complete the following steps before you begin using the N95-respirator:

Step 1: Complete the required Voluntary Use of an N-95 Respirator Training eCourse on UC Learning Center.

Step 2: Ask your supervisor to order your mask. Your department will be responsible for ordering additional N95-respirators from IPPS Logistics via Oracle Procurement. Visit the PPE STORE Program for details on how to order.

Remember: When not in use, respirators must be stored in a clean, dry area, away from excessive heat, moisture, contaminating gaseous substances, or airborne particulates.


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