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Small-Scale Chemical Spill Kits

Find out what to include in a laboratory-scale spill kit and when to use it.


small-scale chemical spill kitKeep small-scale spill kits in every lab for small, incidental chemical spills. An incidental spill is one that staff can clean up without putting themselves or others in danger. All other spills should be cleaned up by specially trained personnel.


Spill kits must contain certain items (listed below) in addition to equipment and supplies appropriate for the chemicals commonly used in your lab. Restock them whenever a spill occurs.

Spill kits must include:

  • A storage container with a UCSD spill kit label. Here are 2 ways to get labels:
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment, including gloves, coats, and goggles
  • Absorbent materials made for the chemicals in your lab, such as organic solvent or corrosive spill pads
  • Materials or equipment for chemicals with special handling requirements
  • Plastic bags to contain the waste

Sample spill kit

The table below lists an appropriate inventory for a lab that handles mercury. Modify this list to suit your chemical inventory.

All items are available from UCSD's Chemistry & Biochemistry Stockroom, (858) 534-2017.

List of an appropriate inventory for a lab that handles mercury
Sample spill kit for mercury
Item Description Stock #
Container 6.5-gallon pail with twist-lock cover 503575
2 pairs of gloves Neoprene 18-ml gloves, size large 311245
2 pairs of goggles Encon goggles 311305
2 lab coats Disposable Tyvek lab coat, size large 311708
12 all-purpose absorbent pads Absorbent chemical wipe, 9.5"x14" 521050
1 mercury spill kit Mercury (Hg) collector 312080
4 waste bags Clear Polybags, 12"x8"x29" 705015
Contact an EH&S Research Assistance Program specialist.