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Flammable and Combustible Liquids Container Size and Quantity Limits

See allowable container size and quantities for flammable and combustible liquids at UC San Diego.

California fire codes strictly limit the total quantity of flammable and combustible liquids and container size that may be stored in a facility.

The hazard classification of a liquid determines the type and size of container it may be stored in.

Chart 1 – Containers

Chart 1 describes the maximum type and size of container you are allowed to store based on the liquid's hazard classification.

Chart 1: Maximum container size by hazard class

Container Type Class I-A Class I-B Class I-C Class II Class III-A – B
Glass1 1 pint (0.47L) 1 quart (0.94L) 1 gallon (3.79L) 1 gallon (3.79L) 1 gallon (3.79L)
Metal or listed, approved plastic 1 gallon (3.79L) 5 gallon (18.95L) 5 gallon (18.95L) 5 gallon (18.95L) 5 gallon (18.95L)
Approved plastic 0 gallon 0 gallon 0 gallon 0 gallon 5 gallon (18.95L)
Safety cans 2 gallon (7.58L) 2 gallon (7.58L) 2 gallon (7.58L) 5 gallon (18.95L) 5 gallon (18.95L)
Polyethylene 0 gallon 0 gallon 0 gallon 60 gallon (227.4L) 60 gallon (227.4L)
Metal drums For storage requirements: 60 gallon (227.4L) 60 gallon (227.4L)

1Exceptions may be made to this requirement for storage of Class I-A and I-B liquids with approval from EH&S Fire & Life Safety, (858) 822-5706. Quantities may not exceed 1 gallon (3.79L).

Chart 2 – Quantity

Chart 2 describes the allowable total quantity of flammable or combustible liquid that may be stored in a UCSD facility.

Chart 2: Maximum quantities (Article 79 California Fire Code)

Flammable liquids
Location Maximum amount Container size
Open lab or shop (including safety cans) 10 gallons (37.9L) Comply with
Chart 1
Listed and approved flammable storage cabinet 60 gallons (227.4L)
Combustible liquids
Reasonable quantities of combustible liquids are permitted. For consultation: