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Biological Safety Cabinets: Certification and Service Vendor

Find contact information for UC San Diego's preferred certification and service provider for biological safety cabinets.

Vendor of choice

UCSD's vendor of choice for biological safety cabinet certification and maintenance is:

Technical Safety Services (TSS)
7570 Trade Street
San Diego, CA 92121-2470
(800) 877-7742 or (858) 577-2800
Contacts: Brent Hart and Brandon Costello

UC has negotiated a systemwide agreement with TSS, outlining service expectations and pricing schedules.

UV lamp testing

If a UV lamp is used in your BSC, have it tested with a UV meter during the annual certification of the BSC to ensure that the proper intensity (I=1/d2; 40 microwats/cm2) is being delivered at the appropriate wavelength (254 nm) in the center of the work surface.

TSS certifiers will test the lamp for no charge during the annual certification, but it must be specifically request prior to their visit.

Payment options

TSS accepts UCSD Express Card.

Contact EH&S Biosafety.