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Biosafety Containment: Adeno-Associated Virus

Read about conditional biosafety containment level 1 approved for Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and AAV vectors.

Adeno-associated virus and AAV vectors may be handled at Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) and Animal Biosafety Level 1 (ABSL-1) when they are:

  • Made in the absence of helper virus (such as Adenovirus and Herpes virus)
  • Used in the absence of any Risk Group 2 material
  • Free of any hazardous transgenes (such as an oncogene, toxin, shRNA from tumor suppressors, etc.)

These conditions apply:

  1. Do not manipulate AAV in a biological safety cabinet at the same time as Risk Group 2 materials.
  2. Decontaminate work areas before and after use.
  3. If experiments with AAV also include Risk Group 2 materials or hazardous transgenes, BSL‐2 and ABSL‐2 containment rules apply.
  4. Work in animals:
    • For previously approved projects using AAV, a meeting with the Vivarium Safety Officer, (858) 534-6715, is required prior to changing existing animal housing requirements.
    • For new projects using AAV, list AAV as a hazard in section 8 of the animal use protocol.
Contact EH&S Biosafety.