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Storm Water Management Program: Source Control Best Management Practices

See Best Management Practices for preventing release of pollutants into UC San Diego storm drains.


Help implement the UC San Diego Storm Water Management Program by following Best Management Practices (BMPs) for campus and SIO outside work activities that may potentially release pollutants into UC San Diego storm drains.

Common pollutants addressed in the BMPs include:

  • Oil and grease from roadways and parking lots
  • Wash water from outdoor cleaning activities
  • Pesticides and fertilizers from grounds maintenance
  • Sediment from construction sites and erosion
  • Discarded trash such as cigarette butts, paper wrappers, and plastic bottles
  • Metals from roadway runoff (e.g., tires and brake pads) and aerial deposition
  • Bacteria

BMPs for campus and SIO

UC San Diego has categories of BMPs to prevent potential storm water pollution from campus and SIO outside work activities. Follow BMPs for your work area and activities.

1. Outdoor work area management

2. Vehicle, equipment, and boat management

3. Material and waste management

4. Facilities and grounds management

5. Training

6. Housing-Dining-Hospitality

For more information, contact EH&S Environmental Affairs.