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Storm Water Management Program: Post-Construction Storm Water Design Measure Permit Requirements

Find out if your construction project requires storm water treatment measures.

Impervious surfaces are those that water cannot infiltrate or soak into (i.e., asphalt roads, concrete areas, buildings, sidewalks, etc.).

Construction projects that will create and/or replace 2,500 square feet or more of impervious surface may be required to incorporate post-construction storm water management controls in the project design.

Post-construction storm water management controls include permanent structural (e.g., rooftop runoff infiltration galleries) and non-structural Best Management Practices (e.g., conservation of natural and permeable areas) that remain in place after the project is completed and prevent pollution from the new or re-developed site over time.

Determine if storm water management control is required

Use the appropriate Checklist form (based on square feet of impervious surface) below and the Water Balance Calculator to calculate the pre- and post-project storm water runoff volumes.

Complete the forms during the planning stages of your project to ensure all required BMPs are implemented in accordance with UC San Diego's Phase II Small MS4 General Permit 2013-0001-DWQ. 

For Guidance, please see the Post-Construction Storm Water Management Flow Chart.

2,500 SF – 5,000 SF of impervious surface

If your project will create and/or replace between 2,500 square feet and 5,000 square feet of impervious surface, use these forms:

5,000 SF or greater of impervious surface

If your project will create and/or replace 5,000 square feet or more of impervious surface, use these forms:

Note: Projects greater than one acre in size must also follow the State Water Resources Control Board Construction General Permit requirements.

Submit completed forms to:

  • The UC San Diego Project Manager from the department overseeing the project
    (e.g., Facilities Design & Construction, Facilities Management, or Housing-Dining-Hospitality, etc.)
  • The UC San Diego Environmental Planner preparing the environmental analysis documentation for the project:
  • E-mail a copy to EH&S Environmental Affairs:


Questions? Contact EH&S Environmental Affairs.