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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

Wall-mounted AED and open AED unit

Locate automated external defibrillator (AED) units at UC San Diego.

AEDs are located in selected UC San Diego facilities, and in all UC San Diego Police vehicles. Most AED units in buildings are designated with the standard white, triangular AED sign (see adjacent image).  


Anyone expected to use an AED in a cardiac emergency should be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the appropriate use of AED devices. Contact if you would like AED training for your department.


EH&S manages and oversees many AEDs on campus. EH&S will maintain and check them as required. You can contact if you need any clarification on the current process or have questions.

Download PulsePoint

PulsePoint provides the fastest way to locate an AED. Download the PulsePoint app to quickly locate an AED on and off campus. See below for campus area and building locations:

Campus Services Complex

  • Building B, UC San Diego Police Department
    • Dispatch Office
    • Training Room
  • Building C
    • Wall-mounted, left side of entrance
  • Fleet Services
    • Break Room
  • Environmental Management Facility
    • Wall-mounted in the hallway
  • Transit Operations Trailer
    • Wall-mounted, northwest corner of the hallway

East Campus

  • Triton Stadium – Clubhouse
  • Triton Transit Hub – East Lot P703
  • Mesa Housing – Early Childhood Education Center

Eleanor Roosevelt College

  • San Diego Supercomputer Center
    • Basement, wall-mounted near, event room, near room EB211
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted near the cargo elevator, across from the Main Controlling Room
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted, east lobby
    • 3RD floor, elevator lobby office addition, south wall
    • B1 San Diego Supercomputer Center East Expansion Lobby (located on North wall)
    • 279 Training Room, locked room, located on the east wall
  • Social Sciences Building
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted by the Political Science Department
  • Great Hall
    • Wall-mounted near east entrance
  • ERC Administration Office
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted next to elevator
  • Institute of The Americas
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, west entrance

Muir College

  • Applied Physics & Mathematics Building
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, north lobby wall near elevator
    • 5TH floor, wall-mounted, north wall near elevator
    • 7TH floor, wall-mounted, north wall near elevator
  • Faculty Club
    • Wall-mounted, in hallway next to restrooms/dining area
  • Main Gymnasium
    • Locker room lobby, wall-mounted, west wall
  • Mandeville Center
    • Wall-mounted near the south lobby entrance, across from the bathroom 
  • Mandler Hall
    • Wall-mounted, outside room 3094, next to north stairwell
  • Roots & Pines Restaurant
    • Wall-mounted on East wall near the order counter
  • Tata Hall
    • 2nd floor, wall-mounted by elevator
    • 6th floor, vivarium
  • Student Center B
    • 1st floor, wall-mounted near reception desk

North Campus/7th College

  • Rady School of Management, Otterson Hall
    • 4TH floor, US-Israel Center, wall-mounted, just inside entrance
    • 2ND floor, Student Lounge, wall-mounted
  • Rady School of Management, Wells Fargo Hall
    • Wall mounted, in West Building. Go through 2W111 on the wall to the right.
    • Athletic Training Room, located occasionally, mobile unit, hours vary
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, lobby, behind reception desk
  • Spanos Athletic Training Facility
    • Wall Mounted Outside facing Triton Track
  • Spanos Athletic Performance Center
    • Wall-mounted, inside weight room, south wall
  • Torrey Pines Center North
    • Outside Advancement Services, near the elevator
  • Torrey Pines Center South
    • Next to Suite 305, near the Hillside elevator
  • Torrey Pines Center Court
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, right side after entrance
  • The Village
    • 15TH floor, wall-mounted, west side across from the restrooms

Point Loma Marine Facilities

  • 291 Rosecrans Street
    • Building 106, Room 129
    • Building 4, Nimitz Laboratory
  • R/P Flip research vessel
  • MARFAC Administration Building
    • MARFAC Machine Shop – Break Room
    • Marine Physical Laboratory – Building 4

Revelle College

  • Central Utilities Plant
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, Control Room
  • Galbraith Hall
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted near Author Wagner Theatre and room # 157
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted outside the Dance Studio
    • 2ND floor, portable, Theatre and Dance room 222
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, outside the Dance/Movement Practice Studio
  • Housing and Dining Services Administration Building
    • Wall-mounted outside Room 223
  • Natural Sciences Building
    • 1ST floor, near the elevator
  • York Hall
    • 1ST floor, just inside entrance before lecture hall
  • Podemos
    • 1st floor, next to the bathrooms across from classroom 1A22

School of Medicine

  • Biomedical Library
    • Wall-mounted outside Room 109
  • Biomedical Research Facility (BRF)
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, southwest wall
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted, southwest wall
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, southwest wall
    • 4TH floor, wall-mounted, southwest wall
    • 5TH floor, wall-mounted, southwest wall
    • Access tunnel, between BRF II and Skaggs
    • Vivarium lab, in the breakroom
  • Central Research Services (CRSF) "Cage Wash"
    • 1ST floor, restricted access
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted, near restrooms
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, near restrooms
  • Functional MRI Keck Building
    • Wall-mounted between two scanners, near the atrium
  • George Palade Laboratories
    • Wall-mounted, behind door H204
  • Leichtag Building
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted,
  • Medical Education and Telemedicine Building
    • Lower level, wall-mounted in hallway outside room LL-147
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted outside the restrooms
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted in hallway east of restrooms
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted in hallway at southeast corner of room 325
  • Skaggs School of Pharmacy 
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, south end of the building, located near freight elevator
  • Stein Clinical Research Building
    • 3RD floor, north wall near the elevator
  • All-of-Us Research
    • Wall-mounted, outside entrance

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Birch Aquarium
    • Giftshop, wall-mounted outside on west wall of the bookstore
    • Richard Harden Dive Locker, wall-mounted, above dive tank
  • Deep Sea Drilling West
    • Deep Sea Drilling West, wall-mounted outside in corridor, near Room 62 
  • Eckart Building
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, through the lobby on the right
  • Hubbs Hall
    • 4TH floor, wall-mounted near Room 4350
  • Isaacs Hall
    • Wall-mounted, west entrance, near Room 203 
  • IGPP Walter Munk Laboratory
    •  Outside Room 0317-B, wall-mounted in corridor
  • IGPP Revelle Laboratory
    • 2000, wall-mounted, just inside north entrance
    • 4000, wall-mounted inside near room 4106
  • Keck OAR  2
    •  2ND floor, wall-mounted, inside near room 232
  • Marine Conservation & Technology Facility (MCTF) – Room 210
  • Martin Johnson House (T-29)
    • Wall-mounted on north-east wall
  • MESOM Laboratory
  • New Scripps Building, Director's Office
    • Wall-mounted at main entrance
  • Nierenberg Hall
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, near room 351
  • Ritter Hall
    • Room 206 
  • Robert Paine Scripps Forum
    • Wall-mounted near elevator, near east exit
  • Scholander Hall
    • Wall-mounted, near west stairwell 
  • Seaweed Canyon
    • Limu Building, outside, wall-mounted, east wall
  • Speiss Hall (CASPO Office)
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, just inside the entrance on the right
  • Sverdrup Hall
    • Wall-mounted near west entrance, near room 1271
  • T-25 Cottage
  • Vaughn Hall
    • Wall-mounted in foyer, near room 105

Pepper Canyon Area

  • Pepper Canyon Hall
    • 2ND floor, wall-mounted, outside by the elevators
  • Conrad Preby’s Music Center
    • Wall-mounted, north entrance, in hallway
  • Epstein Amphitheater
    • Stage hallway – backstage
    • Ticket booth/Will Call

Sixth College

  • Social Sciences Public Engagement Building
    • 1st floor lobby west side across from elevators
  • Kaleidoscope
    • 1st floor Res Life Office lobby by reception desk

Theatre District

  • La Jolla Playhouse – Potiker Theater
    • Wall-mounted, in hallway next to restroom
  • Mandell Weiss Forum
    • Wall-mounted next to the fire extinguisher near the main building exit leading to the ramp
    • Break room
  • Mandell Weiss Theatre
    • Wall-mounted near the box office, above the fire extinguisher

Thurgood Marshall College

  • University Extension
    • Outside of the entrance, on the right-hand side of the doorway

University Center

  • Career Services Center
    • Main Lobby, wall-mounted by front entrance
  • Chancellor's Complex
    • Wall-mounted, outside and left of the front door, near the building corner
  • Geisel Library
    • Main lobby, wall-mounted behind the circulation desk
  • Price Center
    • Basement, Bookstore Loading Dock
    • 1ST floor, Bookstore, wall-mounted near south entrance
    • 1ST floor, Bookstore, wall-mounted, supply/prep area
    • 1ST floor, Food Court atrium, wall-mounted, next Police substation
    • 1ST floor, Theatre Lobby
    • 2ND floor, West Ballroom Foyer’
    • 3RD floor, One Stop Lobby, wall-mounted, to right of the reception desk
    • 3RD floor, Target bathrooms
  • Student Center West Expansion
    • Wall-mounted on East wall near restaurant order counter (Blue Pepper)
  • Student Services Center
    • 1ST floor, main walkway, wall-mounted near staircase/elevator
    • 2ND floor, main walkway, wall-mounted outside Registrar's Office
    • 3RD floor, main walkway, wall-mounted near staircase
    • 4TH floor, main walkway, wall-mounted near staircase

Warren College

  • Atkinson Hall
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted directly across from the passenger elevators in the main lobby area
    • 3RD floor, Family Medicine & Public Health, room 3406
    • 3RD floor, wall-mounted, down the hall from Family Medicine & Public Health
  • Canyonview Sports Facility
    • Wall-mounted, outside on east wall near main dive pool
  • Engineering Building Unit I (EBU1) Jacobs Hall
    • 1ST floor, wall-mounted, near elevators
  • Engineering Building Unit II (EBU2)
    • Wall-mounted, outside the door to room 150
  • Computer Science & Engineering Building (EBU3)
    • Lobby, wall-mounted across from elevators
  • Structural & Materials Engineering (SME)
    • 2nd floor, top of stairs, across from elevators near room 222
  • Franklin Antonio Hall
    • 1st floor, near the spiral staircase, outside the entrance to the Qualcomm Student Project Space

Off-Campus Locations

  • Antiviral Research Center (Hillcrest)
    •  1ST floor, wall-mounted
  • Mother Child Adolescent HIV Program (Hillcrest)
    •  3RD floor, wall-mounted, near lab
  • Preuss School (La Jolla)
    • Wall-mounted, in gym
    • Wall-mounted, near nurse’s office
  • Radiology Imaging Lab (La Jolla)
    •  Radiology Imaging Lab – 8929 University Center Lane #101
  • Trade Street Distribution Center (Miramar)
    •  Main office near loading dock
  • Elliott Field Station - Englekirk Structural Engineering Center (Miramar)
    • Main Building, wall-mounted inside
  • Elliott Field Station – Animal Care Program (Miramar)
    • Fern Portable Building, wall-mounted just inside entrance
PulsePoint AED not only locates AEDs for you, but it is also a simple-to-use tool that enables you to help build the public AED registry in your community – or anywhere! Feel free to add AED locations if they do not appear on this map.
Contact EH&S Emergency Services, (858) 246-0695.
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