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Hero Hall of Fame

The Hero Award for Excellence commends UC San Diego faculty, staff and students for their acts of courage and bravery. Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) believes that employees who protect life, property and the environment should be recognized for their emergency response effort.

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Hero Hall of Fame Table with Images of Winners and Description of what they did

Hannaford Bush and Kimberly Holland and the Canyonview Aquatic Center Staff - Lifeguards Hannaford Bush and Kimberly Holland performed life-saving techniques when a patron at the Canyonview Aquatic Center was in distress. They initiated the emergency action plan and initiated CPR and AED. Fellow aquatics staff called 911 and cleared the scene. Both demonstrated extraordinary teamwork and professionalism during this ordeal. Holland is a fourth-year student majoring in cognitive science. Bush is pursuing a master’s degree in climate science and policy.


Juan Antunez and Marianna Oliva - On Sunday, June 14, 2022, Juan and co-worker, Marianna, were working in the Leichtag basement when they smelled smoke. They stopped what they were doing to investigate the smell. They scanned the large basement and even though the smoke smell increased they did not find any evidence of fire. They even checked the autoclave to ensure the contents were not burning. They thought to check the building's air intake and when they went outside, they found smoke and burning embers from a fire in the loading dock. Juan called UC San Diego police and Marianna grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and extinguished the burning materials. Their swift actions under pressure prevented additional smoke from entering the Leichtag building and prevented the chance of embers blowing around and starting a new fire.


Skylar Lane – In 2017, she saved a life using CPR and an AED. On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 the 1st annual, "Hero Award for Excellence," was presented to Skylar Lane, UC San Diego senior, at the Global Health and Climate Change Conference: The Health Risks of a Changing Climate. 

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