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How to Submit an Electronic Course Approval

This step-by-step guide explains how academic advisors submit electronic course approvals.

About eCourse

The official launch of eCourse (Electronic Course Approval System) was on March 15, 2011. The system is now available for all campus departments to use in place of the paper course approval forms.

Effective July 1, 2011, paper forms will no longer be accepted. Please see below for more information on eCourse and how to gain access.

1. What are the valid reasons for submitting an eCourse approval request?

  • Valid reasons include (see step 3, below, for more information):
    • New course
    • Renumber
    • Deletion
    • Adding/ deleting enrollment restriction
    • Reinstating course
    • Cross-listing or conjoining
    • Changes in:
      • Title
      • Course number
      • Units
      • Description
      • Prerequisites
      • Grading option
      • Instructor contact hours
      • Repetition of credit option
      • Final exam requirement
      • Instruction type

2. How to gain access to the eCourse system

  • E-mail the Scheduling Office to request access to the eCourse system. In your e-mail, include:
    • Name, department, e-mail address, employee ID number, and
    • If you are requesting to be provisioned as a requestor role or an approver role (chair or vice chair of department only).
      • To access the eCourse system once you're provisioned, log on to with your Single Sign-On.
      • eCourse training is recommended; see number 3.

3. eCourse training

4. eCourse workflow

The diagram in this eCourse Workflow (PDF) illustrates the steps an eCourse request will go through in the electronic course approval system. Note that there are multiple approval steps.  Approvals should be submitted a minumum of three quarters (including summer) before the effective quarter of the new approval. For example, a course approval for Fall quarter should be submitted no later than Winter quarter.

5. General inquiry for approved course requests

By end of Fall Quarter 2011, users will be able to access any course approval request that has been approved since the start of the eCourse system (March 15, 2011). This is a non-secure inquiry only for approved course requests. Enter the department, subject, and/or level (grad or undergrad) for a list and link to the course request summary.

6. FAQs

Read the eCourse FAQs (PDF); this document will be updated periodically.

Additional Information: Faculty Instructional Activity Types: Guidelines for Classifying Courses

For more information, contact the Scheduling Office, 858-534-4292.