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UC's Tax-Exempt Status

Find out about UC's tax-exempt status.

The University of California is:

Not exempt from sales tax

Exempt from state income tax

Exempt from federal tax

  • Because of its status as agency of the State of California under Article IX, Section 9, of the California State Constitution, UC is exempt from federal tax.

501(c)(3) letters

The University qualifies as an exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC), section 501(c)(3) as set forth in an IRS District Director 1982 letter (PDF). This letter confirms the University's tax-exempt status as originally recognized by the IRS in a 1939 letter.

For donors and granting agencies requiring a 501(c)(3) letter with the UC systemwide Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN), use the UC system-wide 501(c)(3) letter (PDF). Only use this FEIN for donor/ grantor agencies. For all other purposes, use UC San Diego FEIN numbers located on Form W-9.

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