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IRS Form 1099-MISC

Find out how to handle UCSD-related 1099-MISC forms.

Businesses usually send 1099 forms to fulfill a legal requirement to report to the recipient and to the IRS that certain payments may be taxable income.

1099 forms issued by UCSD

Disbursements issues 1099 forms to payees of UCSD. For more information, contact Disbursements through Services & Support (login required).

For non UCSD employee or students, please email

1099 forms addressed to UCSD

  • If you receive a UCSD-related 1099 form, send it to Financial Control, Mail Code 0953. These forms are usually sent in error, and Internal Controls & Accounting may need to follow up.

Background: Vendors/ payers do not need to send 1099 forms to UCSD. Vendors can request a Form W-9 that confirms UCSD's tax-exempt status.

In general, UCSD's income, regardless of the source, is not taxable by either the federal or state government. The small amount that is taxable won't be reported on a 1099-MISC. However, vendors do frequently send 1099 forms. They also mistakenly address UCSD 1099s to university employees (e.g., patient medical services might be reported as income to a UCSD physician.)

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