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Oracle Redwood UI

In January 2022, UC San Diego will be introducing Oracle's Redwood theme to our campus.

In June 2020 Oracle released a new user interface (UI) called Redwood across its various Oracle applications and aims to enhance your visual experience. This theme is used in all new environments.  In addition to the UI change, enabling the Redwood theme also allows new functionality to be utilized that is only available with this new theme. While some enhanced functionality is available now, Oracle product development teams have indicated additional functionality will be released over the next several months that will enhance the user experience across it's applications such as Oracle Financials Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, and Enterprise Data Management Cloud.

In January 2022, UC San Diego will be introducing Oracle's Redwood theme to our campus. 

What is changing?

Overall coloring using a different color pallet, layout, look and feel

  • Dark, global header
  • Slightly darker background
  • A shift from icons to tabs

What is not changing?

Redwood theme is a UI change only, and does not impact performance of the system

  • No changes to the underlying database
  • No changes to the data within the Oracle applications 
  • No changes to your ability to perform tasks or functions within OFC
  • No impact to any integrations or external systems

Let’s walk through the changes


The Sign In Page

As of Monday, June 21, the theme of the Oracle Sign In page will have an enhanced look and feel! This new theme is part of a larger Oracle initiated transition to a new User Interface (UI) that will be released to campus in phases over the next several months. As updates are released, including enhanced user navigation, we will actively work to keep training materials, Blink guidance, and KBAs in sync with the releases.