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Oracle Redwood UI (Jan. 2022)

Looking up at a redwood tree

In January 2022, UC San Diego will be introducing Oracle's Redwood theme to our campus.

In June 2020 Oracle released a new user interface (UI) called Redwood across its various Oracle applications and aims to enhance your visual experience. This theme is used in all new environments.  In addition to the UI change, enabling the Redwood theme also allows new functionality to be utilized that is only available with this new theme. While some enhanced functionality is available now, Oracle product development teams have indicated additional functionality will be released over the next several months that will enhance the user experience across it's applications such as Oracle Financials Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, and Enterprise Data Management Cloud.

In January 2022, UC San Diego will be introducing Oracle's Redwood theme to our campus. 

What is changing?

Overall coloring using a different color pallet, layout, look and feel

  • Dark, global header
  • Slightly darker background
  • A shift from icons to tabs on the Oracle homepage

What is not changing?

The Oracle Redwood theme is a UI change only, and does not impact performance of the system

  • No changes to the underlying database
  • No changes to the data within the Oracle applications 
  • No changes to your ability to perform tasks or functions within OFC
  • No impact to any integrations or external systems

Let’s walk through the changes


Oracle Redwood Preparation Toolkit

Resources to prepare you for the new Oracle Redwood User Inteface launching January 2022.

* You can view the upcoming Oracle Redwood UI changes in the Oracle Test Non-Production Environment - VPN and SSO are required. Since this is a test environment, data may not be the same as in production. If you experience issues during login, you can request access support by emailing with subject "Oracle Redwood Preview."

The Sign In Page

As of Monday, June 21, the theme of the Oracle Sign In page will have an enhanced look and feel! This new theme is part of a larger Oracle initiated transition to a new User Interface (UI) that will be released to campus in phases over the next several months. As updates are released, including enhanced user navigation, we will actively work to keep training materials, Blink guidance, and KBAs in sync with the releases.

oracle page sign in example Oracle Applications Cloud login page example

How to Videos

The following videos are short guides on how to navigate the new Oracle Redwood theme launching in January 2022 (after the Winter Break).

How to Configure Redwood Homepage

How to Access Worklists

How to Create Favorites

Information Session & FAQs

Information Session

Q: What is the BPM Worklist?

A: The BPM worklist is a type of worklist view that provides prioritization features and a different view for users. The screenshot below is an example of what the BPM worklist looks like and not been impacted by the Oracle Redwood UI update. 

BPM Screenshot

What has been impacted, is the pathway to access your BPM worklist. In the current UI the BPM worklist was found by clicking on the "bell" icon in the upper right hand corner of OFC and then clicking "More Details" in the drop down screen as seen below. 

Bell Icon

You can still access the BPM worklist in the new Oracle Redwood UI Theme by going to the Bell Icon in the upper right hand corner of OFC and then selecting the "Worklist Button" in the Notification page underneath the Bell Icon. 

Worklist icon

Q: Is the Notifications Page dynamic?

A: Under the section "Things to Finish", the Notifications Page is not dynamic. If you zoom out, the list does not add rows. But there is a "Load More Items" button at tthe bottom of the page that will display additional rows. See image below for button location

Redwood Load More Items example

Q: Will we notice any improvement in speed with this UI?

A: The new Redwood UI is “like an overlay or a skin over existing functions” so the new UI does not necessarily address Oracle funcationality but Oracle recognizes speed as an issue to be resolved and will be closely working with UC San Diego on addressing it. 

Q: Is there an option, for a short period of time, toggle back to the old UI for people to adjust?

A: Not at this time. UC San Diego provided two years of integration time for the community to acclimate to the new Oracle system, but no longer can put off the shift to the Redwood UI that Oracle had launched back in 2019.