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How to Request a Salary Advance for a Non-U.S. Citizen

If your department has hired a non-U.S. citizen, you can request a salary advance to cover the individual's travel and subsistence costs.

1. Read these guidelines for requesting a salary advance for a non-U.S. citizen.

  • Purpose of the advance: To help international visitors cover subsistence and travel costs when currency restrictions prevent them from taking adequate funds from their own countries
  • Eligibility: International visitors hired or contracted to work on UCSD projects
  • Maximum amount: $8,000 per person
  • Who requests an advance: The hiring department
  • Who approves an advance: Manager, Payroll Division
  • Repayment of advance: Within six months after arrival or before the appointment ends, whichever is earlier

2. Submit a letter of request.

  • Include the following information in the request letter:
    • Full name of the non-U.S. citizen
    • Salary rate and title of the new appointee
    • Proposed length of appointment
    • Amount of salary advance requested
    • Proposed payback schedule
  • Have the department chair sign the letter.
  • Submit the request letter to the manager, Payroll Division, Mail Code 0952.

3. Receive payment.

  • Upon approval, the Nonresident Payroll Specialist in the Payroll Division will process the check, then send it to you through campus mail.

Note: If you or the Non-U.S. citizen would prefer to pick up the check, please note this in your request letter.

4. Notify Payroll.

  • To facilitate repayment, please forward the Post Authorization Notification (PAN) to Paul Rodriguez, as soon as the employee is entered into the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
For more information, contact Paul Rodriguez, (858) 534-3241.