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How to View the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) Online

Financial managers, follow these steps to access the online PDF version of the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) report.

Note: You will need FinancialLink - Payroll Data Access to view these reports. Your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) can request this for you.

1. Log into the application.

  • Go to the reports section in FinancialLink.
  • Select PDF Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) Reports under the Payroll Reports heading.
  • Log in using your Business Systems (Single Sign-On) username and password.

2. Select the month and year.

  • Select the time period you want to view from the Month and Year drop-down box in the upper left portion of the screen.

3. Select filter criteria.

  • Enter one or more of the following filters:
    • Mail Code
    • Organization (org code)
    • Index
    Note: Entering more filters refines your search.
  • Click Update.

Note: If you don’t know the complete index number, enter the first few characters or letters. Any index that starts with what you entered will be returned.

4. Choose the DOPE you would like to view or print.

  • The resulting screen will list all DOPEs meeting your search criteria. Click on the DOPE you want to view or print.
  • If a large number of DOPEs are returned based on your search criteria, click the Previous or Next buttons in the light blue box in the lower left section of the page to scroll through the list.
For more information, contact Customer Support, (858) 534-3247.

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