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How to Process a Leave of Absence

If you are a PPS preparer, read the following steps on how to process an approved leave of absence.

For background information, see Leaves of Absence.

1. Find current benefit information for the employee in PPS.

  • From the PPS main menu,type "IINS" next to "Next Func."
  • Select the employee by using one of the following methods:
    • Type the 9-digit employee ID next to "ID."
    • Type the Social Security number next to "SSN."
    • Type the employee name (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME) next to "Name."
    Press the enter key. This will bring up the insurance screen for the employee selected.
  • On the top half of the screen, you will see the following columns:
    • Plan - Insurance plan the employee has
    • Description - What plan the employee is enrolled in, if any
    • Cov - Coverage provided (single, two-party, or family)
    • Contr - Amount the University pays each month for that insurance plan
    • Empl Cost - Amount employee pays each month for that insurance plan
  • On the bottom half of the screen (below the dotted line), you will see details on life and disability insurance. If the employee wishes to continue this coverage, the employee must pay the amount listed in the Empl Cost column.

2. Check premium coverage for the type of leave being taken.

  • View the Leave of Absence Premiums table to find out what the premiums are for the type and length of leave.
  • Tell the employee how much he or she will have to pay while on leave.

3. Enter leave of absence in PPS.

  • Complete the LVE (leave) bundle in PPS.
  • Payroll sends a letter to the employee specifying what the employee will have to pay while on leave.
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