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Earnings Statement Overview

Employees receive pay by either check or direct deposit. Learn more about these methods of payment,and find out how to view your pay information online.

Definition of terms

Check disposition form

Newly hired employees must fill out a Check Disposition form, indicating if theywant to be paid either by paper check or direct deposit.

Payment by direct deposit (Surepay)

Payment by paper check

  • If you choose to be paid by paper check, you'll receive a check and paystub (PDF) from a departmental administrator on payday.
  • See the guide to reading your paycheck stub (PDF) for more information.

View your pay information online

Regardless of your payment method, view your paycheck or direct depositinformation online.


See the current Payroll calendar for all paydays.

Monthly paydays

Payment is scheduled for the first working day following the close of the pay period. If a non-working day occurs between the end of the pay period and the first working day of the next pay period, payment is made on the last working day of the pay period, except that December earnings are always paid on Jan. 1. Only 12 monthly pay dates may occur within a calendar year.

Biweekly paydays

Payday is the second Wednesday following the close of the pay period. If the second Wednesday is a holiday, then the payday is the first working day prior to that holiday, except for the New Year's holiday for which the pay date will always be Jan. 1. A minimum of 26 and a maximum of 27 biweekly pay dates may occur within a calendar year.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/paycheck