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Sponsored Project Award Allocations: Overview

If you manage awards for sponsored projects, read this page for information and guidelines on award allocations.

Sponsored project award allocations

When a funding agency grants a sponsored project award, the amount must be recorded in the operating ledger. This is done by creating a budget allocation for the amount the University is authorized to spend. This does not reflect tru cash received.

Budget journals

Create an allocation with a budget journal. The journal includes:

  • A debit to a revenue account, which is used by the University to track the maximum amount to collect
  • Credits to expenditure accounts, which are used by departments to track the amounts that the awarding agency has given them to spend

Note: Only Advancement Services can allocate gift awards.

Both direct and indirect costs need to be allocated. Usually, the award budget specifies the direct and indirect amounts. If it does not, see an example of how to determine direct and indirect costs.

Multi-Campus Awards

Multi-campus sub-awards are sponsored project awards involving more than one UC campus. The procedures for allocating multi-campus awards vary slightly from normal allocation procedures.

Special cases

Some situations require additional allocation instructions. Find out how to allocate in the following situations:


Find out how to change an existing allocation when you receive agency approval to rebudget or when you need to rebudget between indexes.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.