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How to Prepare a Sponsored Project Award Allocation

Find out how to prepare a budget journal entry for a sponsored project award allocation.

1. Determine the expenditure categories and amounts.

  • Review your approved award budget to determine expenditure categories (e.g., salaries, equipment, and travel) and the amounts awarded to each one.
  • If the award specifies indirect costs only as a percent of total direct costs (rather than as a dollar amount), determine the direct and indirect costs.

2. Identify index and fund numbers you will need.

3. Identify account codes you will need.

  • The revenue account is based on the revenue index number from Step 2. It will automatically fill in when you prepare the journal entry.
  • The expenditure accounts will depend on the expenditure categories in the award.
  • The indirect cost account is always 823800 for sponsored projects.

4. Get a budget journal number.

  • Follow your department's instructions for getting a budget journal number.
    • The number always starts with B for budget.
    • The second digit is always A for an allocation.
    • The last 6 numbers are determined by your department.

5. Prepare a budget allocation journal.

  • Follow the instructions for preparing a journal entry.
    • The journal should include a debit to a revenue account for the full award amount obligated by the funding agency (increase/ +).
    • It should also include a credit to the respective budget expenditure accounts and indirect cost account for the amounts specificed in the award budget (increase/ +).
      • Debit Revenue (5xxxxx) (Increase/+)
      • Credit Expenses (60000, 620000, 630000. 640000, 650000, 660000) (Increase/+)
      • Credit F&A (823800) (Increase/+)

6. Review the ledger.

  • When you complete and approve your journal online, it will automatically be forwarded to your department approver and then to SPF, who will either approve it or ask you to make corrections.
  • If approved, the journal will be uploaded to the operating ledger the day after approval and you can review the posting to the ledger in FinancialLink.
  • If the journal doesn't post to the ledger within two weeks, contact the UC San Diego Services & Support portal to make sure it was processed.
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.