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Overview of Self Supporting Activities

This document provides an overview of Self Supporting Activities (SSA) funds including fund ranges and definitions.

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Fund Numbers for SSA

Get acquainted with the fund numbers:

  • Academic Support Activities normally in funds beginning with 60000a and 65999z (except 63xxxx)
  • Service Enterprise Activities normally in fund range 60000a-69999z (except 63xxxx funds); funds that are not SSA are also included in this range
  • Medical Center Activities 63000a-63999z
  • Labor Clearing Funds normally in fund range 66130a-66170z
  • Auxiliary Enterprise Activities normally within fund range 70000a-74999z
  • Other Income-Producing Activities funds normally in fund range 60000a-69999z (except 63xxx funds); funds that are not SSA are also included in this range

Definitions for SSA

Get acquainted with the definitions:

  • An Academic Support Activity is a recharge or income producing activity within an academic department which provides, at approved rates and on a regular and continuing basis, goods and/or services to campus extramural and university funded activities. An Academic department is defined as any department of instruction and/or research including Organized Research Units. Typically, an academic support activity may have a combination of recharge and external income.
  • Service Enterprise Activities provide goods/services to a wide variety of campus departments, rather than to individuals, at approved rates and on a regular and continuing basis. Typically activities will have only incidental external income/revenue
  • Auxiliary Enterprise Activities provide non-instructional support in the form of goods and services primarily to individual students, faculty and staff upon payment of a specific user charge or fee for the goods and services provided, using an approved rate methodology. Services to other departments or to the general public are incidental. Although the operation of an auxiliary enterprise is supplemental to the primary educational functions of the University, such enterprises are important to the overall operation of the University. Accordingly, auxiliary enterprises will be conducted primarly for the convenience of students, faculty and staff, and may only incidentally serve the general public and campus departments.
  • A Labor Clearing Fund is an activity that uses a recharge methodology to redistribute personnel and related costs to multiple funding sources in circumstances which otherwise would require complex, split-funded payroll transactions. Although a labor clearing fund is not a recharge activity, it does distribute costs using a unique rate methodology.
  • Other Income-Producing Activities provide goods or services to an organization not affiliated with the University or to individuals regardless of their affiliation, using an approved rate methodology. The activities do not fit the definitions for auxiliary enterprise, service enterprise, academic support or labor clearing funds. These activities should not have any recharges to federal funds/sponsored research projects, except for publications and conferences.

Matrix for SSA

Medical Center Activities

The Medical Center provides goods and/or services entirely to other medical center units within the same fund group. However, the rates or rate methodology of Medical Center activities, which recharge funds other than the same fund group, will be subject to review and approval by the Recharge Rate Review Committee.

Approval Required by the Recharge Rate Review Committee

Learn which activities must submit a recharge rate proposal and must obtain approvals from the campus Recharge Rate Review Committee. In addition, waiver requests for differential income and administrative overhead recovery recharge must be submitted to the Recharge Rate Review Committee for review, with final approval by the campus controller.

SSA Proposal Requests

Select the "Request to Establish a New Activity or Modify Rates/Services for an Existing Activity" for:

SSA Rate Calculation/Rate Methodology/Statement of Operations Templates

Select the approved templates:

For Academic Support and Service Enterprise Activities:

For Auxiliary Enterprise Activities:

For Other Income-Producing Activities:

For Labor Clearing Funds:

Recharge Rate Review Committee

The Committee, under the delegation of the UCSD Controller, consists of representatives of each Vice Chancellor area. Learn more about the

Future projects:

  • Fast Track Approval Process

Business and Financial Services-General Accounting (BFS-GA) Contacts

Email and contact information for sending to GA:

Overhead Cost Recovery Rates: Differential Income and Administrative Overhead Rates

Differential income rates to use for Academic Support and Service Enterprise Activities (Effective July 1, 2010):

  • On-Campus Service Activities: 45% [Standard], 16% [Minimum]
  • Off-Campus Service Activities: 22% [Standard], 8% [Minimum]
  • Ship Use Facilities: 18% [Standard], 6% [Minimum] 

Administrative Overhead Recovery Rate to use for Auxiliary Enterprise Activities and Other Income-Producing Activities (Effective July 1, 2019):

  • Auxiliary Administrative OH Recovery Rate: 5.0% [on current year Revenues]
  • Educational/Academics OH Recovery Rate: 3.4% [on current year Revenues]
  • Primary Health Care* Administrative OH Recovery Rate: .7% [on current year Revenues]

*Primary Health Care consists of the Medical Center and the Clinical Practice

Manual Recharge Processing

For some activities who have non-standard recharges, use the

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