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Understanding Subledgers and General Ledger

Transacting is done in the separate subledgers and then flow into the General Ledger.

This diagram illustrates the flow of transactions from subledgers into the General Ledger. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable can push data directly into the General Ledger, without PPM involvement, or PPM can be an intermediary that collects and/or creates transactions before the data is aggregated to the GL.

Subledgers and General Ledger - Oracle Financials Cloud

This table illustrates how Oracle Projects supports Expenses, Revenue, Resources and PPM Budgets at the project and task levels in PPM:

Expenses at task Revenue at task Core resources at task Use PPM Budget (Financial Plan)?
External Revenue Yes Yes-with contract No Optional at task
Core Campus Funding Yes N/A No Optional at task
Mix of core and external revenue Yes Yes-with contract No Optional at task
Activity not through PPM No No No No
Sponsored Projects Yes No No Yes


PPM Budgets (Financial Plans) are managed and controlled by departments - not central offices. This process can be useful for planning at the task level and will be in PPM reports in the Budget column.