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Coding Transactions to the PPM Subledger (POET/POETAF)

Coding Transactions to the PPM Subledger (POET/POETAF)

To code transactions to the PPM subledger, Project number, Organization, Expenditure Type, Task, Award, and Funding source must be provided. All transactions in PPM have four required fields and two (sometimes) optional fields:




Required for

Project Number

The unique number that describes a project.  These identical values will also appear in the COA as a value in the Project segment. 

All transactions in PPM

Expenditure Organization

Organization generating the expense. Does not drive accounting-only reporting

All transactions in PPM

Expenditure Type

The specific type of expense being incurred.  The expenditure type is used to derive the account segment value in the COA, but expenditure types are more granular.  There can be multiple expenditure types associated with a single account code, each with a different description

All transactions in PPM

Task Number

The number that represents the project task incurring the expense. 

All transactions in PPM

Award number

The award to be used for this transaction.  The base award number matches the Kuali Research (KR) award number. 

Transactions against projects that have awards.

Funding Source

Name of the sponsor in KR for the external funding source.  This is NOT the same as the Fund in the COA.  This is also the name of any Internal Funding Sources (used for Cost Sharing)

Transactions against projects that have awards.


All General Projects (Faculty Funds, Dept Discretionary, etc.) and Capital Projects will use the shortened POET string (no Award or Funding Source is required).


Most Project creation and modifications are managed through PADUA. See How to use PADUA 2.0 for more information.