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Chart String Concepts

Read more about Chart String Concepts here.

The below information reviews UC San Diego Chart of Accounts (CoA) that make up segments in a chart string to complete financial transactions in Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) and Concur. Information below will encompass and expand on information that previously resided in the CoA User Guide.

What is a Chart String?

  • The Chart string for OFC consists of 12 segments. All segments must have a value. Note: A zero value is a value.
  • The order of a general ledger chart string is:
    • Entity > Fund > Financial Unit > Account > Function > Program > Location > Project > Activity > InterEntity > Future1 > Future2
  • Chart string values are numeric, defined lengths, separated by periods (.), and have no spaces
  • InterEntity, Future1 and Future 2 must have 0 values, e.g. 00000.000000.000000
  • Not all segments are required in Concur
  • The chart string determines where a transaction posts in the General Ledger (GL)
  • If there are transactions in a subledger, it will roll-up from the subledger into the GL

What is the difference between Legacy Segments vs. OFC Segments?

  • The new CoA has fewer values per segment, relative to the legacy CoA
  • Legacy system had fixed segment combinations of Fund Org Program, but the OFC chart sting is not fixed and each segment is dynamic
  • Each segment is defined and there will be scrutiny for adding new values to the CoA
  • OFC will not have faux departments for Financial Unit, including cost center organizations for recharge operations
  • An Index or an equivalent does not exist in Oracle

How do I update CoA Values?

  • All maintenance and updates to any segment on a chart string are made within Oracle
  • Special characters in CoA values or descriptions can create errors
  • Refer to the guidelines for CoA values table in KBA How to Request New Chart of Account (CoA) Segments
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