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How to Engage a Caterer or Restaurant for an Event

Learn what you need to do in order to use a caterer or restaurant for a UCSD event.

Catering iRequests are now available in Marketplace. Read a quick overview. See below for instructions on how to set up catering. Remember all food spend is auditable and must be approved by IPPS. 

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On-Campus Events

Choose your catering supplier

UC San Diego Catering and Dining Delivers

For smaller meetings, convenience meals, coffee, and snacks, visit Dining Delivers to obtain a quote. For larger events, banquets, formal dinners, or any event requiring service, contact UC San Diego Catering to get a custom quote.

No comparative quote is needed if using UC San Diego Catering or Dining Delivers.

Non-UCSD Caterer

Every catering order requires a Catering Services iRequest. Obtain a written quote from the Supplier you choose, you will need to attach the quote to the Catering Services iRequest in Marketplace.  For easier ordering, use one of the Campus Agreement Caterers.

Obtain comparative quotes
  • Orders over $10,000 require at least 1 comparative quote.

Contact UC San Diego Catering if you need a quick comparative quote.

Submit a Catering iRequest

  1. Select the Catering Services tile (fork and knife icon) under the iRequests section on the Marketplace homepage. For UC San Diego Catering or Dining Delivers, please visit the websites directly to order.
  2. Complete the iRequest from top to bottom (if bolded fields do not apply, enter 'N/A' or “0”)
  3. Attach the supplier’s quote to the iRequest. Attach comparative quotes under the Internal Documents section.
    1. If your order is over $10,000, a comparable quote is required
  4. Review and complete your order by clicking “Checkout
  5. Submit the Marketplace Cart, which will route to IPPS Strategic Procurement for review by a Professional Buyer
  6. The buyer will review all overs exceed $10,000, if all necessary information and comparable quote is provide, the buyer will approve the requisition.

After iRequest approval

When the catering iRequest is approved it will create and send a purchase order to the supplier.

Off-Campus Events

Choose your catering supplier

For catering orders that are at an off-campus venue, if the supplier is requiring a signature send the contract to HospitalityContracts@ucsd.edu for review and signature.  For off-campus hospitality contracts such as going to a restaurant, more information can be found here.

Payment & More Info

Event Payment

  • Catering services orders processed through Marketplace will be invoiced and paid directly in Marketplace. The supplier should submit the final invoice referencing the Purchase Order number directly to Disbursements.
  • For UC San Diego-sponsored conferences where attendees pay a registration fee to UC San Diego, follow the MyPayments instructionsfor online MyPayments (login required).
  • For UC San Diego-sponsored conferences where attendees do not pay a registration fee, use MyPayments to request a payment or reimbursement for catering and room rentals. 

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