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Procurement Card Expense Types

Find Procurement Card expense types available in Concur.

For additional insight as to how the tax system functions with Concur, please visit our Concur Tax Process page.

Review the table below for a list of available Concur Expense Types including default COA Account values associated with them and their taxability.

Please note: Although use tax assessment is based on the COA Account, the expense will post to the ledger according to the Expenditure Type when using a project and POET information. Consult with your fund manager for appropriate Expenditure Type or refer to list below to match Account Code.  

Concur Expense Types

COA Account

Taxable (T)/Exempt (E)

Agent Booking or Service Fees 536000 E
Fraudulent Charge 536000 E
Office Supplies 522201 T
Personal/Non-reimbursable 129020 E
Printing/Photocopying 539000 T
Advertising Federally Chargeable 530500 E
Advertising Federally Unchargeable 530400 E
Capital Exp - Fabr Cost Excluded From O'Head-Notx 525909 E
Capital Exp - Fabr Cost Excluded From O'Head-Tax 525908 T
Capital Exp - Inventorial Equipment 525905 T
Capital Exp - Library - CDL (Calif Digital Lib) 526301 T
Capital Exp - Library Rare Books & Collections 526302 T
Capital Exp - Library Use Only-Books/Matl 526300 T
Chemicals 522400 T
Communication Services 534200 E
Comp Software Purchases & Licenses 534001 T
Comp Software Purch License Download  534002  E
Computer Equip Maintenance 532302 E
Computer Supplies and Equipment less than 5k 534100 T
Computing Service 534104 E
Conferences and Training (P-Card) 536700 E
Credit Card & Bank Charges 530600 E
Custodial Services 532303 E
Employee Wearing Apparel 522800 T
Equipment <$5K 522301 T
Equipment Rental 532200 T
Equipment Repairs and Maintenance 532301 E
Fab-Remotely Deployed Equipment 522304 T
Facilities Construction 532000 E
Fed Chargeable - Subscriptions & Memberships 522600 E
Federally Unchargeable Subscriptions and Memberships 522700 E
Field Research Supplies 522404 T
Fines, Penalties & Disallowances 539500 E
Food and Beverage Supplies 522001 T
Food, Ships Operation 522000 E
Fuel & Lube 532306 T
Furniture <$5K 522303 T
Gifts-Flowers,Tickets,Contributions 536300 T
Gifts/Awards For Employees-Non Cash 536200 T
Human Subjects 535100 E
Insurance Other 531000 E
Lab - Test & Diagnostic Services 530106 E
Lab Supplies 522401 T
Laundry Services 530105 E
Legal Services 530700 E
License & Tax 531100 E
Linen & Bedding 523000 T
Mail/Postage/Messenger Services 522200 E
Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies 522900 T
Marine Services 530107 E
Marine Supplies 522403 T
Meals and Catering - Business and Technical (P-Card) 536500 T
Med Ctr Other Purchased Services 535105 E
Medical Care Materials and Supplies 520500 T
Medical Records Services 535113 E
Meetings Business and Technical (P-Card) 536501 T
Motor Vehicle Srvcs and Maint 532304 E
Other Materials and Supplies 523201 T
Other Minor Equipment < $5K 523100 T
Oxygen Med Gas 520250 T
Pharmaceuticals 520350 E
Printed Items and Other Classroom Aids 522500 T
Printing and Reproduction Services 539000 T
Professional Services 530101 E
Prosthesis 520000 T
Purchased Security Services 530108 E
Recruiting Services 530800 E
Repair Materials & Parts 522300 T
Repairs, Alterations, Maintenance 532300 E
Safety Fire & Environmental Service 530109 E
Safety, Fire & Environmental Supply 522308 T
Shipyard Repair 532305 E
Social Events and Program Activity (P-Card) 536400 T
Software Maint & Support 534000 E
Space Rental 532100 E
Staff Recognition & Development 536200 E
Stipends/Awards-Non UC Personl 530111 E
Telecom Cell Equip and Accessories - Debit 522301 T
Transportation and Shipping Srvcs 539100 E
Transportation Services 536007 E
Utilities-Electricity 550200 E
Utilities-Other 550400 E
Utilities-Water & Sewer 550300 E
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