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Concur Overview: Roles and How To's

Learn more about the Procurement Card roles and using Concur, the online tool for managing Procurement Card accounts and transactions.

Instructor Lead Training

The Procurement Card Team is offering virtual instructor lead zoom training for  Concur every other Tuesday from 1:30p.m. - 4p.m. You can register and get access to the zoom link by logging into UC learning, searching for University Procurement Card Program, and clicking "register". We currently have dates available through November 3rd 2020.

We also provide office hours for individual questions every Monday & Wednesday from 9:00a.m.-10a.m, please visit this link: and scroll down to step 2: Procure to Pay & Travel and Expense.

Pre-Recorded Webinars and Trainings

University Procurement Card Program - Department Administrator/Delegate Webinar



Part 1: University Procurement Card Program - Requests Training


Part 2: University Procurement Card Program - Expense Training

To be uploaded.


Part 3: University Procurement Card Program - FAQ Training


*Please note that watching any of the above trainings does not replace taking the UC Learning course to obtain a certificate of completion. The UC Learning course stated below in Part 4 must be taken as the annual refresher and when applying for a new Procurement Card.                                           


Part 4: University Procurement Card Program - Policy Training

This course reviews policies and procedures related to the University Procurement Card Program. Please note that this policy training is located in the UC Learning Center and is the 16 the minute training session.


Program Roles

Roles provide the foundation for workflow, manage the notification and distribution process, and ensure security for Procurement Card program activity.

Department Administrator (DA)

How to become an Department Administrator (DA).

Talk to your department business officer about becoming a DA. The department business officer is the only one who can designate an DA.
Enroll in and attend the University Procurement Card Program Course (16 minute training) via UCLearning
Complete and submit the required Department Administrator form (PDF) via UC San Diego Services & Support portal.
  • Receiving approval from their department business officer to become Procurement Card DA.
  • Ensuring that these procedures are in place for their department Procurement Cards:
  • Timely expensing
  • Appropriate record keeping
  • Separation of duties; a DA should not be in a subordinate role to the cardholder.
  • Handling administrative duties
  • Answering cardholder questions about special fund restrictions
  • Monitoring card usage to ensure that Purchasing, Disbursements, and internal control policies and procedures are being followed
  • Knowing the Procurement Card limitations and restrictions
  • Sharing new program information with cardholders
  • Using Visual Compliance to purchase goods from foreign vendors to ensure compliance with federal export control regulations. Please see Restricted Party Screening (RPS)
  • Never lending or sharing your Procurement card
  • Purchasing only allowable goods and services that are not restricted items
  • Keeping all purchases to less than $4,999 (splitting purchases into multiple transactions to avoid the $4,999 limit is not allowed and can result in suspension of card use)
  • Destroying the Procurement Card and notifying their DA when transferring position to a new department, upon termination, or upon department request.
  • Providing the purchase documentation to their Delegate or attaching Itemized Receipt/Proof of Payment on the Expense report in Concur for each transaction.
  • Cardholders must also be familiar with their funding sources. If you are uncertain about your fund source restrictions, contact your Procurement Card department administrator.
  • A Delegate role is not a role the Procurement Card team assigns or that has assigned tasks or duties. A delegate is there as support to cardholder in making request or expensing transactions 
  • Procurement Card delegates will be able to submit requests to cancel a card,increase/decrease limits, and update a cardholder’s name or mail code. Delegates may also create Expense Reports but will not have the authority to submit or approve them on behalf of the cardholder. As a reminder, cardholders are responsible for submitting Requests and Expense Reports.  
  • For a detailed step by step guide on how to Assign a Delegate, please visit this Knowledge Base Article: How to add a Request Delegate and an Expense Delegate in Concur
  • For a detailed step by step guide on how to Remove a Delegate, please visit KBA: How to Remove a Request and Expense Delegate (to be updated).
  • For a detailed step by step guide on how to Act as a Delegate, please visit this Knowledge Base Article: How to Act as a Delegate in Concur.
Procurement Card Program Administrator
  • Responding to Procurement Card inquires and requests through Concur and the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.
  • Administering the Procurement Card program accounts, systems, and tools
  • Communicating with U.S. Bank on Procurement Card issues
  • Monitoring dispute activity with U.S. Bank
  • Requesting new or modified cards from U.S. Bank
  • Verifying cardholder employment status
  • Auditing for compliance with Procurement Card program policy
  • Monitoring transaction activity for fraud detection and prevention
  • Providing in person visits to departments
  • Training, certifying, and assigning DAs


How to Become a Procurement Card Cardholder

  1. Contact your Department Administrator (DA) to become a cardholder.
    • Note: If you do not know who your DA is, contact your business officer.
  2. Complete the cardholder training
  3. Complete the Cardholder agreement
    • Download the cardholder agreement (PDF)
    • Sign and date the agreement and acquire signatures from your Supervisor and Department business officer (DBO/MSO/PI).
    • The cardholder must submit the signed agreement in Concur.
  4. Request a new card in Concur
    • For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to request a new card in Concur, please visit this Knowledge Base Article.
    • Note: The request can be prepared by either the cardholder or a delegate, but only the cardholder must be the one to submit the new card request. 
  5. Activate your new card in US Bank
    • Contact U.S. Bank by calling the number that appears on the sticker located on the front of your card.
    • Follow the prompts to activate your card.
    • When prompted for your Social Security number, provide your UCSD employee ID number.
    • Sign the back of your card on the space provided.
  6. Register your account in US Bank
    • First time users need to register their account.

      1. Go to U.S. Bank Access Online.
      2. From the Welcome page, click the Register Online link.
      3. From the Online Registration page:
        1. In the Organization Short Name field, enter ‘UCSD’.
        2. In the Account Number field, enter the 16-digit account (card) number (no dashes or spaces).
        3. From the Account Expiration Date fields, select the month and year that the account (card) expires.
        4. Click the Register This Account button.
          1. If you have more than one Procurement Card to register, click the Additional Account button and enter the account information.
      4. From the Licensing Agreement page, click the I Accept button at the bottom of the page.
      5. From the Online Registration page:
        1. In the User ID field, enter a User ID using 7 – 20 alpha-numeric characters.
        2. In the Password field, enter a Password using 8 – 20 alpha-numeric characters.
        3. Re-enter the password in the Re-enter New Password field.
        4. Select an Authentication Question from the drop down menu.
        5. Enter a response in the Authentication Response field.
        6. Complete the Contact Information fields (fields with red asterisk are required).
        7. Click the Continue button, this will bring you to the Access Online page, with a confirmation message that your User ID has been successfully added.
      Note: If you entered invalid information or encountered an error message, you have 3 attempts to correct your information. If all 3 attempts fail, you will be locked out of self-registration and will need to contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696.

U.S. Bank Access Online

Register your account in U.S. Bank Access Online to sign up for fraud alerts and view statements, transactions, and available credit.

Sign up for Real-Time Fraud Alert

If the bank suspects fraudulent activity on your Procurement Card, it will put an "account alert" on the card and call you to:

  • Review recent transactions and account activity
  • Identify fraudulent activity
  • Cancel the card (if necessary) and issue a replacement card
  • Credit the account for any fraudulent transactions

To register for fraud alerts:

  1. Log in to Access Online.
  2. Go to My Personal Information > Account Alerts > Fraud Alerts to enroll.
  3. Provide or confirm your contact information, select how you would like to receive your alerts (text/email), accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.
    • For text alerts, you will receive a text confirming your selection.
  4. How To Answer Fraud Alerts: U.S. Bank cardholders can elect to receive a real-time fraud alert via SMS text and/or email when suspicious activity has been detected on their Procurement Card. You will be able to reply on the spot that the transaction is valid or fraudulent, ensuring fewer unnecessary declines and quick protection in the event of attempted fraud.
  5. If you receive a fraud alert via SMS text, your card will be put in “FR” (fraud) status, and subsequent activity will be declined. You will have 15 minutes to respond “valid” or “fraud.”
    • By responding “valid,” the fraud block on your card will be cleared, and no further transactions will be affected. By confirming “fraud,” your card will be protected from additional activity. You can either call the number provided in the text, or a U.S. Bank fraud agent will contact you shortly.
    • If you receive an email alert, you should call the service center number provided in your email.
      • You will not be able to respond to the email to clear the fraud. The alert will follow the existing fraud-detection process, and a U.S. Bank fraud analyst will call you.

Once your account has been registered these tools will become available through USBank:

View Transactions
  1. Go to U.S. Bank Access Online.
  2. From the Welcome/Login page:
    • Enter Organization Short Name (UCSD), User ID and Password.
    • Click the Login button.
    • View Transactions
  3. From the Access Online page:
    • Click Transaction Management in the left-hand navigation bar.
    • From the Transaction Management page, click the Transaction List link - you will see a list of transactions for the open billing cycle.
    • To view transactions from a different billing cycle, click the arrow next to ‘Open’, select a billing cycle and click the Search button. You can also search for specific transactions using the expanded Search Criteria.
View Statements
  1. After logging in, click Account Information in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the Cardholder Account Statement link.
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select a billing cycle and click the View Statement button. You can view statements for the last 2 years.
View Available Credit
  1. After logging in, click Account Information in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the Cardholder Account Profile link then click the Authorization Limits link. You will see your available credit for the current cycle.
Note: The new cycle begins the 16th of each month unless the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case the cycle begins on the next business day.

If U.S. Bank calls you to verify your Procurement Card activity

  • Give your employee number instead of your Social Security number. (You should never have to give your Social Security number.)
  • Give your own UCSD phone number as the telephone number.
  • Give 9500 Gilman Drive and your department Mail Code as the address.
  • Review recent transactions for possible fraudulent activity.
  • Notify your Procurement Card Department Administrator if the bank canceled your card.
Note: If the bank can't reach you and leaves a message, your account will stay on alert status until you call U.S. Bank Fraud Investigations, (800) 523-9078 or (701) 461-2042 (you can call collect).

How to Expense a Transaction

Transactions are to be expensed in Concur. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to check his or her queue for posted transactions after a purchase has been made. 

Cardholders must review transactions in a timely manner, it is proposed that the cardholder should review transactions within 7 calendar days. Once submitted by the cardholder, the DA approves, then the Financial Unit Approver (FINU) approves. (This time frame is subject to change.)

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create an expense report and expensing a transaction in Concur, please visit this Knowledge Base Article (How to Create a Expense Report and Expense a Transaction).

How to Create a Procurement Card Request in Concur

Cardholder information updates include mail code changes, names changes and card cancels; Card actions include temporary limit increases and permanent limit increases. All of these requests can be made in Concur.

For a guide on how to make a request in Concur for all of the above, please visit this Knowledge Base Article: How to Create A Procurement Card Action/Update Request

Sales Tax vs. Used Tax

Sales Tax and Used Tax information for Procurement Card is subject to change. 

Although the rate for California sales and use tax is the same, the way the tax is collected and handled differs. The state sales or use tax rate for the County of San Diego is 7.75%. (The only exceptions are the cities of El Cajon, La Mesa, National City, and Vista. Read more about these exceptions.)

Sales Tax

  • UCSD pays sales tax on taxable purchases directly to California vendors and out-of-state vendors registered in California to collect sales tax.
  • Generally, sales tax on invoices, credit memos, and receipts is listed separately from the price of the goods or service.

Use Tax

  • UCSD pays use tax on taxable purchases from non-California vendors directly to the state Board of Equalization on a quarterly basis, rather than to the vendor at the time the invoice is paid.

How will Use Tax be applied in Concur?

Use tax will be calculated once the expense report is in Oracle based on the Sales Tax paid, tax exempt code, or ship to zip code entered in Concur. Use tax is not captured in Concur so you won't see any use tax calculated in Concur.

Procurement card transactions will use OneSource in Oracle to calculate use tax based on what was entered in Concur (Expense Type, Sales Tax paid, tax exempt code, and ship to zip code).

Use tax will be assessed (and charged to the department) for the applicable P-Card transactions from July 1 through August. 

Please note that since we have fully transitioned into Concur, the previously used Use Tax Correction form will no longer be applicable.

For more information on sales and use tax, see Sales and Use Tax Overview.

Oracle Use Tax Correction Process

If you need use tax corrected in which the wrong account code was selected and/or use tax was assessed in error, please follow the process below to get it corrected. Please note that we no longer accept the old use tax correction forms as they are no longer applicable.

To submit a use tax correction please submit a case via the UC San Diego Services & Support Portal to the Procurement Card Team. Please note that when completing the form, you do not need to group your corrections by date. For example: if you have a correction from September and one from October- you can add them both on the excel document together and do not need to submit them individually. We prefer you not submit them individually if you have more than one correction.

In the services and support case please provide the following:

The information we are requiring from the department is different depending on if there’s a project with the COA. To make this process easier please complete the Oracle Use Tax Correction form.  Please ensure that you provide all of the below information on the Oracle Use Tax Correction Form.  Oracle Use Tax Correction Forms received that are missing any of the below information will not be processed and returned.

For a COA with a Project:

  • Oracle Invoice Number:
  • Expenditure Item Date:
  • Project Number:
  • Task Number:
  • Expenditure Type:
  • Contract Number:
  • Funding Source Number (for Sponsored Projects):
  • Transaction Amount:
  • Amount of Use tax to be corrected:
  • Debit or Credit:
  • Original Transaction Reference:
  • Expenditure Item Comment:


For a COA without a Project:

  • Oracle Invoice Number:
  • Entity:
  • Fund:
  • Financial Unit:
  • Account:
  • Journal Reference (displayed on GL):
  • Transaction Amount:
  • Amount of Use tax to be corrected:
  • Debit or credit:

Please note that the Procurement Card team is not able to obtain or provide any of the COA information being requested above. For assistance with obtaining this information, you will want to reach out to your fund manager.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.