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Express Card Program Roles

Learn about the importance of roles that support the Express Card program.

Roles provide the foundation for workflow, manage the notification and distribution process, and ensure security for Express Card program activity.

Express Card Department Administrators (ECDAs) Responsibilities

  • Receiving approval from their department business officer to become Express Card Department Administrators.
  • Completing the authorization process including the UCLearning Express Card Department Administrator Orientation
  • Ensuring that these procedures are in place for their department Express Cards:
    • Timely reconciliation
    • Appropriate record keeping
    • Separation of duties; an ECDA should not be in a subordinate role to the cardholder.
  • Handling these administrative duties:
    • Using ECManager to request new cards
    • Using ECManager to terminate accounts and inactive cards
    • Using ECManager to assign Transaction Reviewers, Administrative Support, and update card or cardholder information
    • Receiving and reviewing e-mail notifications for Express Card activity
      • Ensuring all documentation is attached to each Express Card transaction via the attachment tool in ECManager
      • Ensuring transactions are modified to reflect taxes, correct index, and account codes are in place
  • Reviewing all Express Card transactions made by the Express Card holders assigned to them
    • The ECDA is responsible for reviewing all transactions.
    • For every ten Express Cards assigned to an ECDA there must be one transaction reviewer designated for each set of ten Express Cards to assist in the redistribution process
  • Answering cardholder questions about special fund restrictions
  • Monitoring card usage to ensure that Purchasing, Disbursements, and internal control policies and procedures are being followed
  • Knowing the Express Card limitations and restrictions
  • Sharing new program information with cardholders
  • Approving card application requests submitted by the Administrative Support members of their work group

How to become an Express Card Department Administrator (ECDA).

  1. Talk to your department business officer about becoming an Express Card Department Administrator (ECDA). The department business officer is the only one who can designate an ECDA.
  2. Enroll in and attend the Express Card Administrator Training class via UCLearning
  3. Complete and submit the required authorization form (PDF) via ASK
  4. In the ASK case identify which Express Cards should be moved to your account along with their previous administrators.
Note: A department or unit can have more than one ECDA but there can only be one ECDA per Express Card

Express Card Cardholders Responsibilities

  • Completing the UCLearning Express Card Cardholder Orientation
  • Using Visual Compliance to purchase goods from foreign vendors to ensure compliance with federal export control regulations. Please see Restricted Party Screening (RPS)
  • Never lending or sharing your Express card
  • Purchasing only allowable goods and services that are not restricted items
  • Keeping all purchases to less than $4,999 (splitting purchases into multiple transactions to avoid the $4,999 limit is not allowed and can result in suspension of Express Card use)
  • Destroying the Express Card and notifying their ECDA when transferring position to a new department, upon termination, or upon department request.
  • Providing the purchase documentation either by forwarding to your Express Card Department Administrator and attaching 'Itemized Receipt/Proof of Payment' using the Attachment Tool
  • Cardholders must also be familiar with their funding sources. If you are uncertain about your fund source restrictions, contact your Express Card department administrator.

Transaction Reviewers Responsibilities

A transaction reviewer should not be in a subordinate role to the cardholder. If your department is too small then the transaction reviewer should be someone outside your unit who is not in a subordinate role or someone with an indirect subordinate role to the cardholder.

  • Completing the UCLearning Express Card Transaction Reviewer Orientation
  • Reviewing Express Card transactions
  • Performing an independent review of all purchase transactions for cardholders assigned to them
  • Working with the cardholder to ensure that charges are recorded correctly in the campus financial system
  • Applying fund requirements and application of California sales/use tax
  • Redistributing charges to other indexes and accounts, when necessary as authorized by their departmental business officer

Administrative Support Role Responsibilities

  • Supporting the ECDA
  • Performing card maintenance functions
  • Assigning people to roles
  • Those assigned the Administrative Support role cannot perform duties for more than one department administrator
  • Creating new Express Card requests 
    • Note: Any Express Cards requested will need final approval from an ECDA

Express Card Program Administrators (Express Card Team) Responsibilities

  • Responding to Express Card inquires through ASK
  • Administering the Express Card program accounts, systems, and tools
  • Communicating with U.S. Bank on Express Card issues
  • Monitoring dispute activity with U.S. Bank
  • Requesting new or modified cards from U.S. Bank
  • Requesting card cancellations from U.S. Bank
  • Importing transaction data into the ECManager
  • Verifying cardholder employment status
  • Auditing for compliance with Express Card program policy
  • Monitoring transaction activity for fraud detection and prevention
  • Providing in person visits to departments
  • Training, certifying, and assigning Department Administrators