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How to Buy From the UCSD Bookstore

You can make purchases at the UCSD Bookstore in several ways. Check the list below to see what works best for you or your department.

Cash, personal check, personal charge cards

Staff, faculty, students, alumni, and members of the general public

  • Don't use cash, check, or personal charge cards for department purchases unless you have made prior arrangements for reimbursement.
  • Note: Bookstore Web departments do not accept cash or personal checks.


Department representatives who have authority to use an index to charge expenses directly to the department's ledger and can show valid UCSD identification at the Bookstore

UCSD Express Card

UCSD department buyers who are authorized to use the UCSD Express Card and can show valid UCSD identification

Gift card and certificates


  • To order a gift card, phone the UCSD Bookstore Customer Service Center at (858) 534-7326 or (800) 520-7323, or order online.

Triton Cash account

UCSD students, faculty, and staff

Student account

UCSD students with a UCSD Student Business Services account

If you have questions, contact the UCSD Bookstore.