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Computers and Information Technology Overview

Explore the links on this page for information and resources on buying computer and information technology equipment and supplies.

Where to begin

Computer and information technology products are organized according to type. Look down the list below for the type of product you want, then click the link for more information.

  • Cell Phones, information on sales and service
  • Buying Computers and Laptops, for computer vendors
  • Off-the-Shelf Software, for information on packaged software
  • Custom Software Overview, for information to read before you contract for custom software
  • Software License Agreements, important information you need to know
  • Computer Supplies and Peripherals, for links to suppliers

Other valuable resources

When you buy

When you've decided what you want to buy, use the step-by-step instructions on the pages listed below:

For more information, contact Andrew Bunker.