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Home Office Support for Extended Remote Work

Guidelines and protocols for how supervisors can support employees who work out of a home office

As many UC San Diego employees continue to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for them to have a suitable home workspace. Supervisors should consider the options available to them to support employees during this extended period of remote work.

Please note: the information on this page applies to UC San Diego Campus staff only.

Make use of available office equipment where appropriate

With Department Head approval, supervisors can grant authorization to employees to take home certain pieces of furniture and equipment from the campus office.

Before any equipment is removed, however, employees must have a signed copy of the Employee Permission Form. Employees should bring the signed copy with them to the office when retrieving items in case they are asked to show documentation to security personnel. For inventory control purposes, supervisors must keep track of all items leaving the office. All equipment must be returned when the employee resumes working on campus.

With supervisor approval, employees can take home their computer, monitor, monitor stand, desk chair, headphones, keyboard and mouse, and other peripherals. However, employees cannot bring home large/shared printers and other devices that are used by multiple staff.

Please contact the Logistics department if employees need assistance getting equipment from the office into their vehicle. Logistics can also help if the equipment needs to be shipped directly to the employee’s home due to the proximity from the office.

Help employees connect from a remote location

Supervisors should speak with their employees to ensure they have the minimum technology that is required for remote work. Please visit Technology Tools for Remote Work to learn more. This dedicated site offers tools and recommendations to facilitate remote work, including information about minimum requirements for laptops, monitors and peripherals. Hotspots are also available for employees without access to high-speed internet.

Procurement is also working with our Internet service providers to acquire discounted pricing for employees. This page will be updated when more information becomes available.

Explore ergonomic equipment options available for the home

We recognize that in order to work remote effectively for extended periods, employees may also have additional furniture requirements that they are not able to satisfy by bringing home their equipment from the office.

Before your department purchases additional equipment or furniture, check in with the Ergonomics team. They can provide support for employees working from home, including remote computer ergonomic assessments and tips for improving the home-based workspace.

If you need to purchase furniture for an employee, we recommend that your first stop is to explore the vast array of used equipment from Surplus Inventory.

Take advantage of discounted pricing on new equipment and furniture

Procurement has been working hard to deliver highly discounted pricing for departments and campus employees alike. Below is a list of four vendors that are offering a select catalog of home office equipment and peripherals at pre-negotiated prices.

The links above will take you to the vendor’s secured UC San Diego webpages. Departments can purchase equipment from these sites using university issued PCards (or Express Cards). Any equipment purchased by a department with university funds remains the property of the university. Equipment no longer needed by a department must be returned to the Surplus Inventory pool.

These discounted offers are also available to employees who want to purchase home office items for themselves, using their personal credit card. This is a great option if employees want to furnish their own home office and keep the equipment. Any purchase an employee makes on their own will not be reimbursed by the university.

Frequently Asked Questions for Supervisors and Employees

Why were these guidelines developed?
UC San Diego is committed to supporting employees who are engaged in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and doing so in a way that is measured and fiscally accountable.

Can employees request reimbursement for home equipment that they already purchased?
No. Equipment that employees have purchased for their home office is not eligible for reimbursement.

Will the University reimburse employees for costs associated with Internet access or other home utilities?
No. Employees are responsible for providing space, telephone, printing, networking and/or Internet capabilities at the remote location, and shall not be reimbursed by the employer for these or related expenses. Internet access must be via DSL, cable modem, or an equivalent bandwidth network.

When can employees take equipment or supplies home from work?
Employees can take items home only after getting approval from their supervisor and department head. They must complete the Employee Permission Form before removing anything from the campus office.

Do supervisors need to give approval before any of their employees come to campus?
Yes. A manager’s approval is required before employees come to campus.

Do all employees need to complete the symptom and exposure screening survey before coming to campus?
Yes. The symptom and exposure screening process must be completed prior to reporting to the UC San Diego campus for any reason or duration.

Do all employees have to complete the daily symptom and exposure screening survey when working remotely?
If you’re currently working remotely in the San Diego region (i.e. within commuting distance to UC San Diego Health sites for testing), you are strongly encouraged to complete the online symptom and exposure screening daily in case testing is needed. Continue to work remotely until you receive other instructions from your Vice Chancellor.

If employees come to campus, do they need to wear a face covering?
Yes. Employees coming to campus for any reason or duration need to familiarize themselves with our recently updated face covering policy. Learn more about face coverings and read the policy »

What is the employee’s responsibility when taking office equipment and materials home?
Employees must protect university-owned equipment, records, and materials from unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. The precautions apply regardless of the storage media on which information is maintained, the locations where the information is stored, the systems used to process the information, or the process by which the information is stored.

Can employees keep any furniture or equipment they take home from the campus office?
No. Employees should be aware that all equipment, records, and materials provided by the university shall remain the property of the university. Employees must return all items taken from the work office.

What if the equipment taken home gets lost or damaged?
Employees must report to their supervisor any incidents of loss, damage, or unauthorized access at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

How does a supervisor obtain specific office equipment needed for an employee with a disability?
To discuss reasonable accommodations, such as office or ergonomic equipment, for a disability or health condition, contact Disability Counseling and Consulting (DCC) at or 858-534-6744 to engage in the interactive process.