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Add Return to Learn to Your CMS Site

Direct your website visitors to UC San Diego's Return to Learn website.

Link to the source

UC San Diego's Return to Learn website is the official source for all news and guidelines concerning campus operations, and it is frequently updated. Refer users to instead of restating any details on your own website.

V5 module setup

Version 5 CMS websites may use the Call to Action module with a Return to Learn graphic and the following text:

  • Headline — COVID-19 UPDATES
  • Blurb paragraph — Stay up to date with the most current campus plans, safety guidelines, testing and vaccination information, and more.
  • Link for button

You may prefer to include this Return to Learn content within a Call to Action Inset module, News with Images module, or on a homepage hero image slide. Various image options are provided below.

How your Call to Action module might appear:

Sample Return to Learn Call to Action module

Older CMS websites

If you’re using older CMS templates, use similar language in your homepage-internals News block or elsewhere on your homepage. Always link to

Return to Learn images

Visit the Return to Learn website or the UC San Diego Media Gallery to find appropriate graphics (crop them to size before using), or download a pre-cropped image:

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