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Anti-Phishing Service

STOP!!! You are the victim of an email hoax known as phishing.

Why am I seeing this page?

  • You clicked on a link in a phishing/hoax email message or you entered a URL of a known malicious website.
  • The anti-phishing service redirected you to this page rather than sending you to the malicious site, preventing the infection or compromise.

What should I do now?

  • Please delete the fraudulent email and disregard any instructions or warnings contained in that message.
  • If you believe the website you tried visiting is a legitimate/safe site, contact IT Security.

How can I protect myself against phishing and Internet threats?

Technical Background

In an effort to reduce the effects of phishing and other Internet-based threats, IT Services has deployed an anti-phishing service (powered by DNS Firewall technology) that prevents access to known malicious websites. The Domain Naming System (DNS) maps friendly host names (for example: blink.ucsd.edu) to sites on the Internet. Malicious phishing email often include links (containing DNS host names) that resolve to malicious sites, which in turn infect the computer with malware or trick the user into divulging private info such as login credentials. The IT Services DNS Firewall service redirects known malicious sites to this Blink info site and prevents the infection and/ or compromise.


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