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Using UCSD Cell Phones, PDAs and Laptops

Find out about purchasing and using UCSD-owned cell phones, PDAs and laptops.

You may purchase and use university-owned equipment, with approval of the department head, if you:

  • Travel regularly
  • Are out of the office frequently and need to be in contact with associates and clients
  • Work in the field
  • Work at job sites without ready access to electronic communication devices
  • Need to be contacted during emergency situations
  • Are required to be available during non-business hours

If circumstances don't warrant buying a cell phone/ PDA through UCSD, you can use your own equipment and be reimbursed for documented, official business calls that go beyond your regular calling plan minutes. You can't use a personal phone exclusively for UCSD business, however. For more information, see Using Cell Phones for UCSD Business.

Before using UCSD-owned equipment, you must sign an agreement (PDF) stating that equipment use will be limited to university business and only incidental personal use.

Records related to the purchase and use of university-owned electronic communications equipment, including cell phone statements, are the property of the university and are potentially subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.

Department head responsibilities:

  • Ensure that equipment purchases comply with university policy.
  • Verify that claims submitted for payment or reimbursement include appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Review invoices and obtain reimbursement for any personal use of equipment that results in noticeable incremental costs to the university.
  • Verify that equipment and service plans are cost-effective and cell phone contracts reflect the level of expected business-related use.
  • Ensure that special features are necessary for UCSD business purposes before approving specialized equipment, such as the iPhone.

Employee responsibilities:

  • Safeguard the equipment and control its use.
  • Reimburse the university for any personal use of equipment that results in noticeable incremental costs.
  • Avoid using the equipment under any circumstances when use might create or appear to create a hazard, including use while operating a motor vehicle. The new California law will not affect the university cell phone policy.
  • Immediately report the theft of equipment to your department and to the service carrier.
  • Promptly return the equipment to the university upon separation from university employment.
  • Don't allow equipment use to adversely affect the performance of official duties or interfere with the university’s operation of electronic communication resources.
For more information, see the UC Policy and Guidelines Regarding Purchase and Use of Portable Electronic Devices (PDF).
For more information, contact ITS Cell Phone team (Note: business hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; closed on weekends and campus holidays).