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How to Use UC San Diego Spam Quarantine

Learn how to keep your inbox safe from suspicious e-mail using the UC San Diego Spam Quarantine service. Note: Messages are deleted from the quarantine after two weeks. Mail older than two weeks cannot be released from the quarantine.

1. View quarantined mail

There are 2 ways to view your quarantined mail:

  • Go to and enter your Active Directory (AD) username and password. Your username is your UC San Diego e-mail address before the @ symbol. If you forgot your password, you can reset it.
Login Page

You will receive an email digest twice a day (assuming you have email quarantined since your last email digest.) When you receive your digest, you can release email directly from the email digest. Alternatively,  you can click on the “Manage my Account,” link in the top right of the digest to view the quarantine options in a web page.

Email- Manage my Account

2. Manage quarantined mail

See the previous steps above for instructions on accessing your quarantine in a web page.

Whether you are inside the email or you have opened the web-based quarantine you will have the option to release messages and allow/block sender.

  • Release: Select Release to deliver the quarantined message to your inbox.
  • Release and Allow: Select Release and Allow to add the sender's e-mail address to your Safe Senders list and deliver the quarantined message to your standard inbox. Future messages from the sender will not be quarantined.
  • Delete: Select Delete to remove the message from your quarantine.
  • Allow Sender: Select Allow Sender to add the email to your Safe Senders list.
  • Block Sender: Select Block Sender to block the email address.
Note: If a message contains a virus, it will not be delivered to your mailbox, even if the sender is on your Safelist.


3. View your Safe Sender lists and Block lists

Your safe lists and block lists allow you to whitelist or block specific email addresses.

  • Open your spam digest email
  • In the top right of the spam digest, click the “Manage my Account” link
  • Click on “Lists” in the bottom left
  • This will display your Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists. You can add and remove senders by clicking on the Edit or Delete options.
    Email- Manage my Account

4. Adjust your spam quarantine levels (optional)

You have the ability to opt out or customize your quarantine filter, if you wish to allow your spam and marketing mail through.

  • Open your spam digest email.
  • In the top right of the spam digest, click the “Manage my Account” link.

Email- Manage my Account

  • Click on Profile in the bottom left. Your quarantine options will display.

My Settings Page

  • By default, your spam and marketing emails will be quarantined.
    • Choose the “Less Aggressive” option if you would like marketing emails to be allowed through.
    • Choose the “Least Aggressive” option if you would like to allow marketing AND spam emails through.
For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357