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Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Administrative Culture (SC-SPOC)

Learn more about the Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Administrative Culture (SC-SPOC).


The purpose of the Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Administrative Culture (SC-SPOC) is to be a bridge to leadership; a network for faculty, researchers and staff; and a radar for campus.

A Bridge to Leadership

SC-SPOC will recommend to the Chancellor the support of bold, unprecedented solutions that have been vetted and have strong potential to create administrative improvements and efficiencies, which are key to fulfilling objectives under Goal 5 of the Strategic Plan.

A Network for Faculty, Researchers, and Staff

SC-SPOC will provide a forum that connects key stakeholders from across campus who are interested in implementing innovative process improvements, but may require greater partnerships to develop project plans, take action, or accelerate progress – for example, collaborative and strategic partnerships that cross Vice Chancellor areas, or campus-wide input via sponsored IdeaWave campaigns.

A Radar for Campus

SC-SPOC will track the impact of committee-supported initiatives as it relates to a commitment to service and people, and communicate this impact to the community in order to promote service and people-oriented decision-making as a part of the UC San Diego culture.

By supporting collaborative, bold initiatives that improve administrative effectiveness, the campus continues to define itself as a model public university.


  • A high-level, cross-functional perspective on critical issues, opportunities, and unique capabilities and programs that will positively impact the attainment of a service- and people-oriented culture on campus.
  • An objective perspective that drives a balance of administrative and operational efficiency with service delivery in support of UC San Diego’s mission, and validation that this is accomplished.
  • Guidance on the initial screening criteria for initiatives.
  • Ongoing guidance and recommendations on initiative selection, prioritization, resource implications, and ongoing viability.
  • Advice on specific issues and opportunities related to initiatives, and help facilitate a collaborative working relationship across the campus.


The Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Administrative Culture (SC-SPOC), composed of faculty, administrative staff, campus leaders, and subject matter experts and is chaired by Professor Rajesh Gupta (Computer Science Engineering).


The standing committee is a general committee with an ongoing schedule that provides regular status updates to the Chancellor’s Cabinet. The full committee meets quarterly, however members and advisors also join ad hoc groups, which are devoted to special topics and exist only as long as necessary. Ad hoc groups include at least one member and one advisor as well as campus subject matter experts to provide appropriate and balanced assessment of potential projects. Implementation of approved projects will be delegated to appropriate specialists.

Staff support for the committee is provided by the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives, led by Executive Director Bob Neuhard.

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2017-2019 SC-SPOC Members

Rajesh Gupta – Chair of SC-SPOC and Professor, Jacobs School of Engineering
Steven Boggs – Dean, Physical Sciences
Patty Camacho – MSO, Biological Sciences
Cathy Constable – Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
AJ Daly – Chair, Division of Education Studies
Cristina Della Coletta – Dean, Division of Arts and Humanities
Gabriel Haddad – Chair and Professor, Pediatrics
Rina Hlifka – DBO, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Robert Horwitz – Vice Chair, Academic Senate and Professor, Communication
Sara Clarke Kaplan – Director of Undergraduate Studies and Professor, Ethnic Studies
Vish Krishnan – Sheryl and Harvey White Endowed Chair, Rady School of Management and Professor of Innovation, Technology & Operations
Yuki Marsden – MSO, Calit2
Truong Nguyen – Vice Chair of SC-SPOC and Professor/Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2
Michael L. Norman – Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center and Professor, Physics

2017-2019 SC-SPOC Advisors

Linda Collins – Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs
Cynthia Davalos – Chief of Staff, VC Student Affairs
Evelyn Hidalgo – Associate Dean, Academic & Education Administration, Health Sciences
Garry Mac Pherson – Associate Vice Chancellor, Environment, Health and Safety
Steve Ross – Associate Vice Chancellor for Resource Administration, Academic Affairs
Tom Savides – Chief Experience Officer, Health Sciences
Jacquelyn Holmes – President of Staff Association 2018-19 and Financial Operations Manager, Enrollment Management

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