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Public Relations Resources

Select resources regarding public relations provided by the UC San Diego Public Relations Council

The Public Relations Council recognizes there are incredible resources available to us on campus, locally, nationally and internationally - and with this resources page, we are attempting to provide access to a selection of resources for our UC San Diego colleagues as they learn the scope of public relations to pontentially use in their own work.


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Public Relations Council Meeting Presentations

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023 (PDF)

  • The public relations process with speaker Cheryl Robinson, APR - Planning to plan: Process, perspective and inspiration
  • Resources launch
  • What's available to you at the UC San Diego Library with guest Lia Friedman
  • Closing tour of the Library with guest Jason Schulz

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022 (PDF)

  • Introduction to the Public Relations Council: How we fit in
  • What does public relations mean to you and your job?
  • Future meeting topic brainstorm

UC San Diego Library

The UC San Diego Library has the ability to serve as a primary location for checking out Public Relations books and materials for campus communicators.

    • Every staff member has check out privileges – use their campus ID
    • Digitally accessible Public Relations materials available via the online catalog – all you need to do is log into VPN to access
    • We have access to newspapers through UC San Diego agreements with publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more
    • The Library Digital Collections for research data sets, images, documents, video and audio recordings
    • Search for books, e-books, articles, online journals, media, and more across the collections from the University of California's libraries
    • If there are specific titles we would like the Library to purchase or add to the collection, we can contact the Library’s Content Acquisition & Resource Sharing (CARS) department – The Library can provide this contact information when appropriate.


  • Lia Friedman, guest speaker at the February 2023 members meeting, with specific search and research needs
  • April Tellez Green (email), 2022-2023 council chair, with Digital Collections permissions and use
The resources featured on this page are a selection only and do not represent the full scope of public relations nor availble options for professional development. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement, but rather the opportunity for individuals to explore opportunities as they learn about public relations on their own. We welcome your suggestions.