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Contract and Grant Highlights and Reports

Review FY21 Research Highlights, featuring C&G interactive report data, and links to OCGA annual Contract and Grant Reports.

Highlights of UC San Diego Research

Research image shows $1.54 B in new sponsored research awards, including research gifts.


Research Activity Dashboard

The Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA), Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO-OCGA), and Health Sciences Sponsored Projects Office (HSSPPO), in partnership with departments, have released the “Research Administration Activity Dashboard” to provide department research administrators better visibility into research agreements. The purpose of this dashboard is to manage research portfolios (for research through OCGA) and answer various business question. The Research Administration Activity Dashboard includes:

» Pending compliances

» Sponsored Project Office (SPO) Officer working on the agreement

» Status of the award

» Awards about to end or ended awards » Status of outgoing subawards and invoices

» Available amounts for invoicing on subawards

Get information and track the status of your proposals, awards, and other agreements by launching the Research Administration Activity Dashboard through the Research Activity Hub. (Single Sign-on is required.) For additional information, please contact OCGA Managing Director Nicole Joyce at

UC San Diego 5-Year Trends Report - Interactive C&G Reports

Interact with the featured chart below for proposal and award activity by fiscal year. Filter by VC area.

UC San Diego Annual Contract & Grant Reports

Access all reports for Fiscal Year 2002 to present using this interactive report:

UC San Diego Contract & Grant Reports

These reports, compiled and audited by OCGA, provide reports on the number and total dollar amount of UC San Diego proposals submitted, as well as the number and total dollar amount of awards received for extramural funding for research, instruction, and other sponsored activities.

Filter by:

  • VC area
  • fiscal year
  • major agency

Original PDF versions of prior reports can be found on the Archived Reports page.

To request a report, contact the the Research Administration Reporting and Analytics Help Desk by creating a ticket in the UC San Diego Support & Services Research Portal (login required).


To request Report Developer access to the Research Activity Hub, complete this form: Research Activity Hub Report Developer Access Request


For more information, contact the Client Experience team at