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COI: How Designated Officials Submit Form 700

Find Information about the electronic system to submit Form 700.

Effective 2018, Designated Officials must submit and complete their Form 700 through an electronic system.

How do I file Form 700 electronically?

Login to access the electronic Form 700.
  • Login: Your UCSD email address
  • Password: You should have received an email from the electronic system directly.  If you did not receive an email, please review the question below, “what if I deleted, lost or never received the electronic system login email?”

System Requirements

To use the electronic filing system, you need a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. You also need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What if I deleted, lost, or never received the electronic system login email?

If the electronic system email was not received or inadvertently deleted, the discloser can still access the system by following the steps below:
  1. Go to the electronic system.
  2. Sign in using your UC San Diego email address as the user name
  3. Click Lost Your Password? A link will open to a new page where you submit your email address to receive a new password in an email message.

What is this change?

The Form 700 electronic system replaces submitting the paper form to the UC Office of the President. Designated Officials will submit their disclosure of financial interests and assets on the Form 700 within the electronic system.

The electronic system is designed to allow users to enter all transactions needed to complete their disclosure statements for filing electronically. Once e-filed, the system provides users with the ability to print an exact duplicate of an e-filed document. The electronic system retains entries from the prior year(s) so there will not be a need to re-enter any information that has not changed. You may obtain copies from the previous filings. The electronic system provides on-screen help and video tutorials to help the discloser complete their Form 700.

If I lose internet connection, will I lose all the information I have uploaded?

All your data will be continuously saved until you complete Form 700 and submit the e-filing.

If you are on the electronic system and lose internet connection, all of the information uploaded will be saved until you are connected again to finish where you left off.

What if I forgot what I filed last year?

Except for your first year, the electronic system retains your filing entries from the prior year so you will only enter any information that has changed since the last time you have filed. You can access your form in the e-filing system any time after filing. All data that is submitted from the prior year will carry into their next filing year.

Will there be training provided?

When you log in to the system, the electronic system provides an array of training videos and written documentation to assist with submitting Form 700.
Questions? Contact the Conflict of Interest Office at 858-534-6465 or