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American Indian and Indigenous Faculty and Staff Association

AIIFSA members posing with mascot Salty the Seal at the San Diego Seals Game for their Every Child Matter Initiative Night 2024.


The UC San Diego American Indian and Indigenous Faculty and Staff Association (AIIFSA) invites you to become a valued member of our growing community. AIIFSA proudly welcomes Native American, Alaska Native, and Indigenous staff and faculty at UCSD, along with individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for advocating for and empowering Native American communities both within and beyond the university. As an intertribal organization, AIIFSA unites Native American staff and faculty from various disciplines and areas of campus life.

How to Join AIIFSA

Email to request that your name be added to our membership list. You will receive information about AIIFSA monthly general body meetings (GBMs), as well as upcoming events and programs.

AIIFSA Leadership

AIIFSA is led by Co-Chairs Izzy Narvaez (Hopi, Assistant Director of Equity & Inclusion Education and Training at the Cross Cultural Center) and Michaela Allen-Sanchez (Lipan Apache, Coordinator for the Intertribal Resource Center).

Benefits of Joining AIIFSA

  • Participate in dynamic activities, outings, and outreach events that promote understanding and awareness of Native American culture and identity.
  • Cultivate a sense of camaraderie and connection among fellow Native American and Indigenous staff and faculty, nurturing a supportive and inclusive community.
  • Engage in networking to forge meaningful relationships with colleagues spanning both the university and local community spheres.
  • Acquire valuable resources and knowledge on issues impacting Indian Country and Native peoples at and around UCSD, empowering informed advocacy and action.