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San Diego Supercomputer Center Overview

Learn about the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), a national laboratory for computational science and engineering.

UCSD is home to one of the most powerful computing centers in the world: the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). The mission of this national laboratory is to develop and apply high-performance information technologies for science and society. One of its primary beneficiaries is the University research community.

SDSC provides access to a vast array of data and computational resources and services for all UC researchers who need leading-edge cyberinfrastructure beyond their own laboratories, classrooms, departments, and academic units.

Research problems now being tackled by scientists using SDSC’s cyberinfrastructure tools are numerous and diverse. A few key programs focus on: understanding the origins of the universe, visualizing earthquakes to design and retrofit buildings and bridges, providing data management  services and training, modeling proteins for new drugs, simulating the human nervous system, and predicting climate changes.


Among other things, SDSC’s research cyberinfrastructure includes:

  • Data-intensive computing resources to the academic and industrial communities through the RCI program's Triton Shared Computing Cluster (TSCC), a high-impact data analysis and preservation system featuring a large-scale disk storage facility, a data analysis facility for petascale research, and a shared research cluster
  • Gordon, the first high-performance supercomputer to use massive amounts of flash-based memory to speed solutions for data-intensive problems
  • Trestles, which also features flash-based memory, with a design tailored to the majority of user jobs rather than a handful of researchers who run jobs at thousands of core counts, delivering high throughput and scientific productivity
  • A “green” data center equipped to house co-location servers for UC San Diego and UC researchers and academic units
  • An internationally renowned environment for all things related to data including management, mining, curation, analysis, visualization, access and preservation, as well as leadership-class data storage technologies

Other services

Along with its broad spectrum of software, hardware, networking, and information resources, SDSC offers users full-time support including 24-hour helpdesk services, code optimization, training, portal development, and a variety of other services.

For more information, visit the SDSC website.