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Exposure Monitoring: Dosimetry Services

Learn how to add or cancel a user of dosimetry services, and how to request a replacement dosimeter.

Request a dosimeter

Request dosimetry services:

  • Go to Radiation Safety Forms: Research Employees to get a User Enrollment form appropriate for your work:
    • Sealed radioisotopes
    • Unsealed radioisotopes
    • Radiation-producing machines
  • Important: If you are required to complete a Dosimetry Request form, you will see a Dosimetry Request link at the bottom of the User Enrollment form.
  • Fax or e-mail both the User Enrollment and Dosimetry Request forms to EH&S Radiation Safety:

See Radiation Badge and Ring User Guidelines for proper use and care of dosimetry devices.

Cancel dosimetry service

Cancel a user's dosimetry service:

  • Submit an online User Cancellation form for each employee who no longer works with radioactive materials.
  • Mail the user's last badge or ring to EH&S Radiation Safety, Mail Code 0035.
  • Do not contact the dosimetry company directly. Direct all inquiries to EH&S Radiation Safety, (858) 822-2494.

Replace a dosimeter

Request a replacement dosimeter for an individual enrolled in the Radiation Safety program:

Questions? Contact EH&S Radiation Safety, (858) 822-2494.
Notice: Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual (PDF) for a detailed description of the UC San Diego radiation safety program.